9 coolest musical festivals in India 2022 for all music lovers

9 coolest musical festivals in India 2022 for all music lovers

Have you ever craved for a place where you can let loose your hair, flail your arms, jump around and just sing at the top of your voice? these places might not be very frequent, but they exist. yes, you got it, music festivals. the place where judgements do not exist and the only language spoken is music.

here is the list of the top music festivals in India 2022

  • Bacardi NH7 Weekender
  • Sula Fest
  • Echoes of Earth
  • Sunburn Festival
  • VH1 Supersonic
  • Ziro Festival of Music
  • Locals District Music Festival
  • Magnetic Fields Festival
  • Bangalore Open Air

all around the world, music lovers unite and party tirelessly for these few days. and we are not less. India hosts and has hosted some of the most memorable music festivals and concerts. music festivals in India have never been less than a flamboyant celebration. so that you don’t miss these festivals in the coming year, let’s look at some of the biggest musical festivals in India in 2022 that you should look out for!

1. Bacardi NH7 Weekender

the 2 days music festival is known for its amazing lineup of both international and Indian artists. artists from stand-up comedians to leading DJs perform here every year. this music arena is wild with colours, games stalls, multiple stages and everything good. the uniqueness of this festival is its exclusive branded metal mugs that make it great memorabilia. the NH7 Weekender is spread across cities like Pune, Shillong, Delhi, and many more. the beats experienced at the Weekender leave you wanting for more. this music festival’s 2022 timetable for the upcoming year is partially released.

here: Pune, Maharashtra

when: February, 2022

price: 2000/- INR onwards

how to reach: opt for a flight, bus, train or private car to Pune

2. Sula Fest

best music festivals in india in 2022 - Sula fest

the Sula Fest music festival is complemented with an experience of strolling about a vineyard. just imagine yourself enjoying the symphonies of musicians, under the stars and sipping on some wine. of course, there is more than just wine at the bar of this festival. this music festival in India is the only festival where they host wine and chocolate tasting sessions also. wander about the stalls and buy quirky souvenirs to keep the memory of the exceptional festive alive throughout.

where: Nashik, Maharashtra

when: TBA(to be announced)

price: 2300/- INR onwards

how to reach: travel using a train, bus or a private car from Mumbai

3. Echoes of Earth

best music festivals in india in 2022 - echoes of earth

do you want to enjoy a music festival without a sliver of guilt? well, this is your place to be. Echoes of Earth is the only music festival in India that is all about recycling and saving the environment. it prides itself on being India’s greenest music festival. this music festival is themed around celebrating our beautiful planet through music and art. there are 4 different performance stages that are themed around each element of the earth. make countless memories at an environmentally sustainable music arena with leading artists from all over the world.

where: Bengaluru, Karnataka

when: December, 2022

price: 2000/- INR onwards

how to reach: flight, bus or train to Bengaluru

4. Sunburn Festival

best music festivals in india in 2022 - sunburn festival

we know that you are not a stranger to the most exciting music festival in India. this name gets every music lover’s heart racing. the sunburn music festival is home to many international artists through which they laid their foundation in India. you can call this the biggest music festival in India with its various editions across the country all year round. however, its Goa edition is the highlight of the year. escape reality by stepping foot into the arena and experiencing the magic of the whole world in one place. party non-stop with your heart and soul making memories to last a lifetime.

where: Vagator, Goa

when: December, 2021

price: 3000/- INR onwards

how to reach: flight, bus or train to goa


5. VH1 Supersonic

this electrifying music festival hosted in Pune is for all those electronic music junkies who get high on those drop beats. Vh1 Supersonic is one of the top music festivals in India that has everyone’s heart beating with its music and feet jumping at every roar of the DJs. find yourself in the midst of trippy lights and people from every culture dancing unitedly to the pump of the music in India in 2022.

where: Pune, Maharashtra

when: December, 2022

price: 2500/- INR onwards

how to reach: travel using a train, bus or a private car from Mumbai

6. Ziro Festival of Music

best music festivals in india in 2022 - ziro music festival

this music festival in India will blow your mind with its spectacular location in the Ziro valley. like any other music festival, this is a place to leave behind your ordinary life and groove your heart out to all kinds of music with a culturally diverse vibe. not just that, it’s a highly eco-friendly festival filled with crazy fun. four days of great music combined with a thrilling location; there you have a place worthy of your bucket list.

where: Ziro valley, Arunachal Pradesh

when: September, 2022

price: 3000/- INR onwards

how to reach: travel using a train, bus or by road to the nearest point of Ziro and from there opt for a bus or car to the location

7. Locals District Music Festival

best music festivals in india in 2022 - local district

party like a royal in a castle! you heard it right. the Locals District is for all the techno and house music junkies. immerse yourself for 3 days in this intoxicating music experience with popular artists across the globe. you can call this the party destination for all the kings and queens in this 18th century-style castle.

where: Castle Kalwar, Rajasthan

when: TBA

price: 5000/- INR onwards

how to reach: travel using a train, bus or by road to Rajasthan

8. Magnetic Fields Festival

best music festivals in india in 2022 - magnetic fields

get a glimpse of the rich culture intertwined with modern electronic music and underground and global artists. dance with music nomads from around the world and experience the traditional heritage with a spark of urban music. this is the musical adventure destination you were looking for.

where: Alsisar Mahal, Rajasthan

when: December 2022

price: 5000/- INR onwards

how to reach: travel using a train, bus or by road to Rajasthan

9. Bangalore Open Air

best music festivals in india in 2022 - bangalore open air

metalheads, we haven’t forgotten you. this heavy metal and rock focused festival is for your head bangs and passion for cutting edge music. the state-of-the-art music festival experience is on par with metal concerts and festivals all over Europe. it never fails to book the best metal and rock bands for you. as a metalhead, this is your one-stop destination to quench your thirst for this niche genre in India.

where: Bengaluru, Karnataka

when: December 2022

price: 2500/- INRonwards

how to reach: flight, bus or train to Bengaluru

but India has witnessed some amazing solo artist performances over the decades. be it a college fest or a standalone concert, these historic events are still the talk of the town. let us revisit some of these music events and fests that you should definitely attend in the future.

1. Coldplay by Global Citizen India

best music festivals in india in 2022 - global citizen india

this is that one concert that people in India will never forget. you name it and it had everything. global artists like Demi Lovato, PM of India, b-town celebrities like Shahrukh Khan, A.R. Rahman and none other than, the stars of the night – Coldplay! 80, 000 fans gathered in one place to catch a glimpse of their idols was a scene to witness. you can still hear the cries and cheers of the crowd echoing in Mumbai.

2. Mood Indigo by IIT Bombay

best music festivals in india in 2022 - mood indigo

the college fest that you should not and cannot miss. their concerts are legendary with artists like Lata Mangeshkar, Jagjit Singh, Lucky Ali, Euphoria and many many more. it also promotes tons of upcoming young artists if you’re into undiscovered tunes. this youth fest is organized by students of IIT Bombay college and since 1971, the legacy of epic concerts has been kept alive. the fest takes place around December every year. so, the next time you’re in Mumbai, you know where to go for the music addict in you.


where: IIT Bombay, Maharashtra

when: December

3. Engifest by Delhi Technological University

best music festivals in india in 2022 - engifest

Engifest is one of Delhi’s most popular music extravaganza. the liveliness and sheer energy witnessed at this fest symbolize the true spirit of a youth’s college life. the festival usually takes place in February. this Delhi music and cultural festival is India’s most sought out college fest. the likes of Sidhu Moosewala, Vishal-Shekhar, Amit Trivedi, Mohit Chauhan, etc. are some of the singers’ performances you can attend.

where: Delhi technological university, Delhi

when: February

4. Metallica in Bengaluru

best music festivals in india in 2022 - metallica in bengaluru

this one concert left a historic mark on India’s music festival and concert landscape. the crowd erupted gleefully watching their favourite band perform. the metalheads were glued by the larger-than-life performance of their iconic songs. bring up this concert at any conversation and you’ll see a metal head’s eyes twinkle and goosebumps all over their body. truly a dream come true.

5. Hardwell – World’s Biggest Guestlist Festival

best music festivals in india in 2022 - hardwell

this iconic concert held for a cause to provide education for underprivileged kids had over 70,000 fans spinning. the concert had some amazing line-up with the country’s leading DJs and the pioneering DJ himself. the show ended with a bang of flashing lights and cheers from the crowd.

6. Justin Beiber in India

best music festivals in india in 2022 - justin bieber in india

last, but definitely not the least, the most talked-about – Justin Bieber concert! touched a million hearts in India alone with just his presence, the youth icon performed for his Indian fans in 2017. the line-up consisted of Alan Walker and other top Indian Djs. the anticipation of the concert did not just excite the beliebers, but music lovers and celebrities across the country. this concert is another sweet spot in the timeline of the Indian music and concert scene.

with the pandemic hitting the world, music festival-goers in India have been waiting around for the comeback of all the music festivals in India in 2022. we know we have been. but the world is opening up and so are these music extravaganzas. let us together look forward to what the year hold for us when it comes to music festivals in India in 2022.

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