Emergency Fund and Investment Ideas for 2023

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Not an unfamiliar word, the term ‘Emergency Fund’ is quite often tossed around in any and every finance blog, advice, video and more. Why? Because it’s just THAT important. Though the meaning, usage and basic understanding of emergency fund is hinted at and well, pretty evident by the name itself, there’s much more to it. […]

How to set your financial goals for 2023

financial goals for 2023 Akudo

Here we are nearing the end of the year, and already talking about setting up the financial goals for 2023. (Yes, can’t believe it either!) No matter how smooth n’ yay or oops n’ okay 2022’s been for you, financially, right now is a good time to pause –to reflect and plan a little for […]

15 Must-Not-Miss Financial Topics to Cover with your Child


‘Financial Literacy’ is a vast pool of understanding, knowledge and skill set. Unlike how one may briefly think, it goes far beyond knowing the meanings of a handful of heavy finance words. Instead, being financially literate is to not only be familiar with financial topics and concepts but also possess the ability to put the […]

10 Financial Literacy Mistakes To Avoid When Teaching Kids About Money


In this article, we’ll discuss 10 financial literacy mistakes which you have to avoid, when teaching your kids about money. Birthing and raising a child is no joke (which if you’re here, you’re probably already familiar with). Though amidst their cute faces and reactions, silly questions and behaviour it seems bearable. But that’s only until […]

Curious about Taxes? Here’s ALL you Need to Know!


Tax – a word feared by the biggest billionaires to the youngest teens. Why? Because billionaires know a little too much about them (and what it can do to them. No we ain’t hinting at any, but yes you’re thinking right 😉 and teens because they know nearly nothing about it because well, it’s intimidating. […]