how does akudo help as a bank for students?

a modern day banking solution for students, akudo is a neobank for teens that make for a great choice for the ones stepping their first foot in financial learning. along with a prepaid VISA card for students, akudo offers a range of digitally accessible banking solutions and provides VISA card for teens to embark upon a financially independent journey.

while neobanks for students are no new concept, akudo’s significance is now greater than ever. in comparison to traditional banks, akudo as a neobank is more popular amongst the gen Z students. a fair reason for the same is akudo’s technologically advanced digital infrastructure for teenangers and students. aside from offering neobanking opportunities and prepaid VISA cards, akudo for students also come equipped with efficient customer support service. the round the clock chat support offered by akudo is a big hit amongst students as it makes help highly convenient.

how is akudo prepaid VISA Card beneficial to students?

owning and handling a prepaid VISA card, especially from akudo, in these early years can contribute to a better understanding of the real world value of money for teenagers. not only that, the akudo prepaid VISA card acts as a great means of instilling and polishing a sense of responsibility in students.

the akudo prepaid VISA card for students comes personalised with teen’s name on it and can be used across online and offline transactions. akudo’s sleek design, made to meet today’s modern taste enhances its appeal and makes the akudo prepaid VISA card stand apart. the akudo VISA card offers teens the ease of transaction with no dependency on others. at the same time, the akudo VISA prepaid card ensures safety by allowing parents to have complete transparency and control over their child’s financial behaviour.

how can saving money help teens in their financial journey?

a major plus of banking with akudo is the focus it has and directs to the concept of ‘saving’. saving is amongst the most important elements in financial learning that one must master and akudo as a neobank for teens recognizes this significance well and good. akudo suggests a way of banking for teens that encourages this healthy money practice by inviting them to set small goals and win enticing rewards on completion. another amazing feature akudo has is ‘Auto Save’. this sets aside a certain portion from the amount in the teen’s prepaid VISA card to the saving stash. for everyday transactions made via the akudo prepaid VISA card as well, akudo provides a bunch of cashbacks so that teenagers are actually eventually able to save with every spend.

how neobanks for teens is the new normal

neobanks for teens may at first sound both intimidating for teenagers and impractical for parents but that’s nothing but a far-off myth. akudo, the neobank for students, is here to solve this problem. akudo’s VISA card and banking is an essential and only right for teenagers to gain financial literacy through early banking experience to better prepare for adulthood. postponing financial learning for later can invite financial faux pas and even losses. it’s only when teenagers start banking, managing their own savings account and using their own personalised prepaid card for teens can they truly understand it. by attempting banking as teenagers, teens can master it before they actually begin earning and hence explore its full potential