best cryptocurrency wallets in India 2022

best cryptocurrency wallets in India 2022

We’re in an era where people absolutely love following trends. Whenever a hot topic comes in the market, we gotta follow it and no, we’re not complaining about it. Recently, a sudden rush on the crypto world dragged itself into the spotlight and now we are going gaga over it. Now before we start telling you more about the best cryptocurrency wallets in India, let’s take a sneak peek at what Cryptocurrency actually is.

What is cryptocurrency?

If the first thing that pops up in your mind is Bitcoin, my friend you’re mistaken. :p
In very simple terms cryptocurrency is a digital currency that allows you to carry out transactions all around the world. It runs on a decentralised system which means each and every individual holds the same power in making and breaking the coin.

Now the question is where do you store these coins? Just like you store your physical money in a real wallet, you can collect, save and fix your virtual money in a digital wallet.

Too boring? Well, at least you won’t say this about the profits you start making. Cause folks, the crypto world is nothing less than a crazy roller coaster ride. Now that you have an idea of what crypto actually is, let’s go see the best cryptocurrency wallets in India.

Best Crypto Wallets In India

In the simplest language, your crypto wallets are the storage container for your digital coins. With an ongoing trend where crypto has taken a huge impact on the people of India, we can find many platforms where we can buy or sell crypto.

Every platform has its own pros and cons. We advise you choose your wallets as keenly as you would choose your next partner. Without wasting more time, let’s take a look at the best crypto wallets in India.

List of top crypto wallets in India in 2022

  • CoinSwitch Kuber
  • WazirX
  • Zebpay
  • CoinDCX
  • Binance

1. CoinSwitch Kuber

top cryptocurrency wallets in india - coinswitch

With their recent swaying marketing campaign #KuchToBadlega, CoinSwitch has quite literally swayed the crowd. This mind-blowing startup of 2020 has gained huge popularity for its smoooooth experience both on mobile phones as well as on the website. You would not have to pay any fee for depositing or withdrawing your money from your bank account to the CoinSwitch wallet. The cherry on the top, you would not have to pay any trading fee for the first 100 days from your registered day. So traders can go gaga over day to day trading. However, a charge ranging from 0% to 0.5 % would be applied once the free trading period is over.

The best part about this app is that it comes free from all the complexities that one might have to face, especially when you’re a newbie. Make sure to read the terms and conditions to know about the hidden charges.

2. WazirX

top cryptocurrency wallets in india - wazirx

If you are in the mood for zero hidden charges, you can definitely go for WazirX. Voted to be one of the best crypto wallets in India, WazirX comes under the umbrella of Binance therefore it has got a wide variety of coins to opt for.

One of the things that we adore about this wallet is that it constantly keeps you updated about the price via push notifications. So now when the prices go up, you can tap and make some profits right away, all thanks to WazirX notification. But with every pro, comes a con. You might face issues in depositing the money because UPI is generally disabled so the only option is NEFT, RTGS or peer to peer purchase. (Which might be kinda panicky when the prices are quite low and you grab some coins).

P.s- Advantage of watching the history of the coin by visiting the charts provided by the app. You also hold the leverage to transfer all your coin to Binance in case of emergency.

3. Zebpay

top cryptocurrency wallets in india - zebpay

Call us biased but we are completely in awe with Zebpay and that’s why we think this is one of the best crypto wallets in India. The user experience is super good, any issues or queries are answered right away. Zebpay also allows you to deposit or withdraw the money via UPI, even at times when other apps have disabled this feature. The trading fee is also less compared to many other apps and you can set an alert for a price to buy or sell your coin.

For example, if you want to buy Bitcoin at ‘Y’ price and it is at ‘X’ price now, you can enter your desired price and the coin would be bought/sold when the coin hits your target price. Zebpay is still evolving and adding more coins. So if you’re expecting to see a lot of underrated projects, you’re setting your expectation bar a lil too high :p

4. CoinDCX

top cryptocurrency wallets in india - coindcx

CoinDCX is again a good platform if you are just taking your first step in the crypto world. The deposit and withdrawal are free, allowing you to save some bucks every time you transfer money to your CoinDCX wallet to the bank account or vice versa.

The platform works pretty smoothly both on mobile as well as web but this is something you can experience on all the other platforms. If you are in for a long term game, you can even stake your coins and earn interest while it’s idly sitting in your wallet. Take it to be something similar to a fixed deposit, you lock your money for a certain period and in exchange, you get rewarded for it. With a sudden increase in the user base, DCX has managed to list its name as one of the best cryptocurrency wallets in India.

5. Binance

top cryptocurrency wallets in india - binance

Binance is kinda the large fancy fish in the market. The wallet has innumerable underrated projects listed in it and gives you a chance to invest in coins that can give you 10x gains. Yes, for real. Once you start doing your research, you can easily find coins that are just gonna blast in near future.

However, the real challenge is opening an account and completing the procedures. Creating a wallet in Binance may be a bit harder than other more beginner-friendly apps that are listed above. But speaking of futures trading, the app has the lowest trading fee ranging between 0% to 0.2%. Making it one of the best crypto wallets in India for experienced traders.

Basically, the higher is your VIP level on the platform, the lower you will have to pay as a trading fee.

Summing up

That was our top 5 picks of the best crypto wallets in India. Honestly, you can find a number of wallets apart from the ones listed above but if you’re someone who’s about to take the first bite of crypto heaven, opt for the easiest experience. So folks, now that you have entered into the smart world, go buy some coins and don’t forget to tell us what did you buy 😉

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