15 must-follow Indian travel vloggers on Youtube

15 must-follow Indian travel vloggers on Youtube

today everyone has “wanderlust” in their bio. be it their dating app profile, Instagram or even their resume, travelling has become everyone’s passion. do you wonder why? the term “travel” does not refer to planning a trip for months, looking for a travel agent and hotel for bookings. travel has now also become a virtual experience. all thanks to the travel vloggers of the world.

now you can simply sit at home and enjoy the wonders of the world through a vloggers lens. but vloggers are not just about travelling through your screen. vlogging is about getting inspired to break through the monotony and following your passion to the ends of the world. vloggers have made us realize how a dream does not need a fortune, but the intention to achieve it.

these adventure junkies explore the unexplored and show us the hidden gems of the world. to truly experience a new city or a country, you need to immerse yourself in the essence of that place and that’s what vloggers do. they don’t just show us popular touristy places, they show us the place through the eyes of the people living there. they promote their culture and their colourful life. they talk about their funny and bad experiences as well. it’s nothing but the raw truth of travel.

Indian travel vloggers on YouTube have left no stone unturned when it comes to discovering the unseen of the world. if you are not following these best Indian travel vloggers on YouTube, you are surely missing out on the magical world.

Here is the list of top Indian travel bloggers on Youtube

  • Varun Vagish – Mountain Trekker
  • Mohit Manocha – Traveling Desi
  • Deepanshu Sangwan – Nomadic Indian
  • Navankur Chaudhary – Yatri Doctor
  • Tanya Khanijow
  • Kritika Goel
  • Nishit Sharma – Hopping Bug
  • Saravana Kumar – India In Motion
  • Shubham Kumar – Nomad Shubham
  • Ayush Dinker – Ethereal
  • Sudesh Kumar – Social Sudo
  • Prakriti Varshney
  • Rohith Ashok – Toll Free Traveller
  • Shubham Gupta – Distance Between
  • Rohan Thakur & Bharati Bahrani – Ronnie & Barty

1. Varun Vagish – Mountain Trekker

Varun Vagish – Mountain Trekker - indian travel vlogger on youtube

subscribers – 1.51 million

channel – Mountain Trekker

Varun Vagish, aka, mountain trekker has defined the term “follow your passion”. he is an ex-journalist, ex-government employee and a PhD in mass communication. he quit all these to pursue his passion to travel. that’s what we call seizing the day. Varun started his YouTube channel in 2007 and today he has over a million subscribers with 400+ videos. his Hindi travel vlog explores the world in budget-friendly ways where he meets new people and uncovers the culture for his viewers. his dream to become a full-time travel vlogger got him travelling to countries like Serbia, Thailand, Bangladesh, Mauritius, Bali, Kirgizstan, Italy, Turkey, Russia, and many more. he received the National Tourism Award from the government for his quest to set foot in every country and inspire people to step out of their comfort zone. he is the no. 1 and the best travel vlogger on YouTube India.

2. Mohit Manocha – Traveling Desi

Mohit Manocha - indian travel vlogger on youtube

subscribers – 1.52 million

channel – Traveling Desi

quitting his software engineering job and dedicating his life to travel vlogs has made Mohit Manocha, the second most popular Indian travel vlogger on YouTube. from the time he started his YouTube channel in 2018, he gained close to 1.5 million subscribers on his YouTube channel called Traveling Desi and has posted over 650 videos. Mohit’s vlogs cover his daily life in Canada where he moved in 2019. his vlogs are about stories of people he meets and budget solo trips across countries in Europe and USA. you will also find his family members joining him on his trips and daily vlogs. his quirky tome has made him one of the top travel vloggers in India.

3. Deepanshu Sangwan – Nomadic Indian

Deepanshu Sangwan – Nomadic Indian - top travel vloggers in India

subscribers – 1.28 million

channel – Nomadic Indian

a person who ditched his CAT preparations to live the life he always dreamt of deserves to be a part of the best Indian travel vloggers on YouTube. being an Indian, to choose anything else overstudies requires great commitment and he had that for travel. his idea to inspire people to travel with whatever little they have, motivated him to create one of the best travel YouTube channels in India. within a span of three years, this nomadic Indian explored over 17 countries and shared hundreds of stories with his viewers through his travel vlogs. his channel has more than 350 videos covering his adventures and eccentric experiences.

4. Navankur Chaudhary – Yatri Doctor

Navankur Chaudhary – Yatri Doctor - top travel vloggers in India

subscribers – 846k

channel – Yatri Doctor

a doctor by profession, but a traveller by heart. he is living the best of both worlds with his two lives as a doctor and a nomad. his lifelong dream to visit every country in the world did not take a back seat in his busy life. he has been handling both his responsibilities and passion hand in hand. this globetrotter broke the norms of a travel vlogger and became one of the best Indian travel vloggers on YouTube. he started his journey in October 2017 and today he has visited over 17 countries which including Russia, Japan, China, Iraq and more. his vlogs cover his journey and all the details about his trip expenditures.

5. Tanya Khanijow

Tanya Khanijow - top travel vloggers in India

subscribers – 790k

channel – Tanya Khanijow

being a solo female traveller is challenging considering many factors and being a female vlogger is even more difficult. but our girl, Tanya, is no ordinary damsel. this travel enthusiast and filmmaker inspired women around the country to get up and follow the land that is calling out to them. she is the most popular female Indian travel vlogger on YouTube and one of the best travel vloggers in India. quitting her corporate job, she started her channel in 2017 and now has a huge subscriber base. her viewers follow her amazing travel videos where she explores the colours of the world.

6. Kritika Goel

Kritika Goel- indian travel vlogger on youtube

subscribers – 356k

channel – Kritika Goel

Kritika Goel who goes by the name of Kiki is the second most popular female travel vlogger in India. her vlogging journey started in 2017 and now her name shines bright as the best Indian vlogger on YouTube. her life as a vlogger is fairly new, but she has left her mark around India and some of the countries abroad. her bubbly attitude is not just limited to her videos, she also has her lifestyle blogs where she shares information about all her experiences. the world is her canvas and she is busy painting it red.

7. Nishit Sharma – Hopping Bug

Nishit Sharma - indian travel vlogger on youtube

subscribers – 251k

channel – Hopping Bug

Mr. Hopping Bug is that Indian vlogger on YouTube who is known for his breath-taking aerial shots and filmmaking talents. combine this with beautiful places around the world and in India and there you have a perfect travel vlog channel on YouTube. this talented travel vlogger and content creator started his channel five years ago and he looks in no mood to stop any time soon. imagine living the life fulfilling two of your dreams – filmmaking and travelling. kudos to Nishit for making it to the top travel vloggers in India. we are excited about what he has in store for us.

8. Saravana Kumar – India In Motion

Sarvana Kumar - india in motion - travel vlogger in India on youtube

subscribers – 233k

channel – India In Motion

this travel enthusiast captures the serene landscapes of the northern and northeastern parts of India through his fun shooting skills. his vlogs narrate the stories of his stays and people living in these extreme weather conditions. his Himalayan adventures are just some of his thrilling conquests. his YouTube channel videos will give you goosebumps and not just because of the cold. he is truly a hero in the list of the best Indian vloggers on YouTube. follow his tips before pursuing your own adventure.

9. Shubham Kumar – Nomad Shubham

Shubham Kumar – Nomad Shubham - top travel vloggers in India

subscribers – 1.75 million

channel – Nomad Shubham

say hello to our youngest Indian travel vlogger on YouTube. a part-time student and a full-time awesome travel vlogger, this 19-year-old champ has won hearts with his escapades around the world. in the span of fewer than three years, this young guy has over 1.5 million subscribers and 10 million views on his most popular video. he has travelled to 40+ countries and has covered 3 continents. phew! talk about young achievements. follow this best travel YouTube channel in India to learn about the best travel trips around the world. ain’t nobody young to challenge the world.

10. Ayush Dinker – Ethereal

Ayush Dinker – Ethereal - top travel vloggers in India

subscribers – 139k

channel – Ethereal

an engineer turned filmmaker, Ayush started his vlogging journey on his YouTube channel called Ethereal. this best Indian travel vlogger on YouTube aims to capture the sweet essence of Indian culture and stories through his travel vlogs on YouTube. his focus on fact-finding and historic relevance makes it much more than just a luxurious hobby. his travel vlog videos have a hint of the meaning of life combined with picturesque views through his sincere eyes. the aesthetic videography and tales bring another level of peace to your heart. embrace your love for travel through his lens.

11. Sudesh Kumar – Social Sudo

Sudesh Kumar – Social Sudo - top travel vloggers in India

subscribers – 12.6k

channel – Social Sudo

Sudesh Kumar is an underrated, but one of the best Indian travel vloggers on YouTube and a talented blogger. he started his YouTube travel vlogging journey in 2015. the focus of his travel vlogging channel is to smile, travel and spread peace around the world. going by the vlogging name, Social Sudo was a graphic designer and filmmaker who quit his job in 2018 and became a full-time vlogging traveller. he covered states across India and commenced his exploration of hidden gems of places, cultures and cuisines.

12. Prakriti Varshney

top travel vlogger in India

subscribers – 21.5k

channel – Prakriti Varshney

Prakriti Varshney is another underrated female Indian travel vlogger on YouTube. this 25- year- old traveller from New Delhi began her YouTube journey in the later months of 2015 to follow her passion. she is a daredevil who aims to normalize travelling solo for females. her goal to quench her thirst for exploration and adventure drove her to unveil the alluring Spiti valley, hidden north-eastern states like Nagaland and Sikkim, the famous Ladakh and the heaven on earth – Kashmir. her conquests include many more places which you can find on her YouTube channel.

13. Rohith Ashok – Toll Free Traveller

Rohith Ashok - Toll Free Traveller - top travel vloggers in India

subscribers – 131k

channel – Toll Free Traveller

hailing from Chennai, this Toll Free Traveller has his own little edge. he is not like the other Indian travel vloggers on YouTube. this wanderer just gets on his bike and travels across roads, stopping where his heart takes him. he complemented his love for motorbikes with travelling and voila, here we have a globe rider. the lawyer turned travel vlogger shares his experiences about places, culture, food and people. you can even follow his page on Instagram and Facebook for amazing pictures of his stories. so far, he has covered places like Goa, Meghalaya, Sikkim, Assam and more. find him soon before he rides off into the sunset again.

14. Shubham Gupta – Distance Between

shubham gupta - indian travel vlogger on youtube

subscribers – 736k

channel – Distance Between

the Indian travel vlogger on YouTube has a huge following base of more than 700 thousand. going by the name of Distance Between, Shubham has so far covered 240 videos on his YouTube channel where he has shared travel tips, best destinations, budget and more. he has vlogged about Bali, Indonesia, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan and more. for your domestic travels, do check out his videos and make the best possible plan ever with his vacation tips. he is a part of the best Indian travel vloggers on YouTube for a reason people.

15. Rohan Thakur & Bharati Bahrani – Ronnie & Barty

Rohan Thakur & Bharati Bahrani - Ronnie & Barty - top travel vloggers in India

subscribers – 286k

channel – Ronnie & Barty

what is better than a travel vlogger? two crazy travel vloggers creating havoc together in every corner of the world. watch this cute travel duo – Ronnie and Barty – as they moved from Mumbai to Manali living the pahadi life in the Himalayas. from exploring stories to drone shots, these best Indian travel vloggers on YouTube take you on a cinematic travel experience. travel with these two nomads as they touch the unseen parts of the Himalayas and wander around with no care in the world.

now that we gave you the best Indian travel vloggers on YouTube, it is time for you to step out of that house and discover the new world that is waiting for you out there. we are excited to hear about your adventures and maybe write about you soon. isn’t that an appealing idea? we think so too. so, get up, pack it up and leap into the thrill of the unknown world.

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