15 offbeat places in Himachal you must visit!

15 offbeat places in Himachal you must visit!

“the mountains are calling and i must go” these popular words said by John Muir gets every traveller’s heart to skip a beat. trekker, wanderer or traveller, known by many names, these people walk the earth with a soul of a nomad. they hear their name being called and off they are to their next destination.

one of the most popular places for these travellers to visit in Himachal Pradesh. the irony of the place is that however ice cold and freezing it is, Himachal always leaves you warm and fuzzy in the heart. over the decades, travellers have explored the unexplored landscapes of Himachal and shared their stories with the world. they have uncovered some pristine and best offbeat places in Himachal for us. they have shown us that Himachal is much more than its beautiful valleys, luscious forests, historic temples, quirky cafes and much more.

we have listed out all these offbeat destinations in Himachal in one place. take out your backpacks and get ready to touch down these hotspots. but before getting yourself all excited, let us see how you can get there!

best offbeat places in Himachal Pradesh

  • Jibhi
  • Shoja
  • Charang Valley
  • Kalpa
  • Sangla
  • Chitkul
  • Rakcham
  • Kaza
  • Barog
  • Hampta Pass
  • Theog
  • Beral
  • Langza
  • Gushaini
  • Malana

1. Jibhi – dreamland at Tirthan Valley


visit this fairy tale of a town nestled in the lush pine and cedar forests. this town which is also known as the hamlet of India is your perfect spot to experience the pahadi life. this offbeat place in Himachal Pradesh is away from the evils of industrialization and the air is crisp with purity. the beauty of this place lies in its culture and picturesque lakes. You can walk along with the historic temples and cozy Victorian-style cottages which are available for tourists. other places worth visiting at Jibhi are the Serolsar lake, the Raghupur Fort and the ancient 1,500-year-old watchtower at Chaini Fort.

best time to visit: April to June

how to reach: a short drive from Jalori Pass and the Great Himalayan National Park. you can also rent a bike or get a cab from Aut or Banjar.

2. Shoja – peek-a-boo with sunsets

located in the Seraj Valley, Shoja or Sojha is the kingdom of striking sunsets. stroll around Shoja and explore the scenic views and trek to the hidden sparkling waterfalls. you can let the magic of the waterfall wash all over you or just simply busk in the beauty of it with some refreshing drinks. the murmur of the water, the chirping of the birds and the crowning of the sunset above snow-clad mountains make Shoja the perfect offbeat destination in Himachal, especially for couples.

best time to visit: April to June

how to reach: reach Bhuntar via flight, train or road after which Shoja is at a distance of just 8 km.

3. Charang Valley – trek your way to paradise

the Charang Valley or Charang Ghati Pass is one of the untouched places and is unheard of, thanks to lack of commercialization here. the trekking trail is a thrilling experience for all you trekkers. the trekking journey starts from Kinnaur. this trek is said to be the most difficult one in Himachal, so ensure you are well-equipped and guided by experts. talk to the majestic, but silent mountains of Charang Valley and lose yourself in the beautiful view that it has to offer. the best part about the trek is the chance to relive the beauty of the world’s highest cricket pitch at Chail. this offbeat place in Himachal Pradesh is at its best during the peak season.

best time to visit: June to September

how to reach: hire a personal vehicle or get on a bus from Recong Peo followed by a short trek.

4. Kalpa – the land where it’s gold

this hamlet in the Kinnaur district is the biggest village along the Sutlej River Valley. it is adorned with blooming apple orchards and the Kinnaur-Kailash range in the background will take your breath away. the tranquil view is enhanced when the glow of the sun touches the snow-capped mountains and turns them into pure gold. this is one of the best offbeat destinations in Himachal Pradesh which also houses mesmerizing monasteries and temples which will bring peace to your chaotic soul.

best time to visit: March to October

how to reach: the nearest railway station is Shimla Railway station from where you can hire a cab or get on a bus to Kalpa.

5. Sangla – the unexplored wilderness

just 57kms away from Kalpa, Sangla is a beautiful valley like any other valley in Himachal. It is situated on the banks of River Baspa. this unexplored land in the valley is known for its natural scenery where you can clear your mind. sit amidst its snow-clad mountain view and leave behind all your stress of the city life. wake up the sleeping nomad inside you and venture into the wilderness of this offbeat destination in Himachal Pradesh. you can also visit the temple dedicated to the Nagas God which is a must-visit in Sangla

best time to visit: March to June

how to reach: you can hire a cab or get on a bus from Kalpa to Sangla.

6. Chitkul – the last village by the border

this small, but charming village is known for being the last populated and motorable village near the Indo-Tibetan border. not just that, it is also the last spot in India where you can travel without a visa. this village is also located on the banks of River Baspa which gives it a stunning view complemented with glorious mountains and a huge chunk of peaceful vibe. the place remains untouched which has sustained its pristine meadows and unadulterated beauty. it is a perfect getaway for nature lovers. Chitkul is popular for its premium quality of potato and peas plantation. no wonder it is one of the top offbeat destinations in Himachal.

best time to visit: March to June

how to reach: travel by bus to Chitkul from its nearest airport (Jubbarhatti or Delhi) or railway station.

7. Rakcham – exploring the Himalayan wildlife

Rakcham is another small town along the trail of Sangla and Chitkul through which the River Baspa flows its mighty force. it is enclosed by magnificent mountains which is a heavenly abode for travel junkies. surrounded by a mist and peaceful hush, you will find several temples and Buddhist monasteries in the region close to the Indo-Tibetan border. if you are lucky, you will come across many Himalayan animals like Blue Sheep, Musk deer, Brown Trout and the famous Himalayan Black Bear. do visit this offbeat place in Himachal Pradesh for a memorable experience.


best time to visit: March to October

how to reach: travel by bus to Rakcham from Kapla or Chitkul.

8. Kaza – surreal beauty of Himachal

Kaza is a place where you can find yourself amidst snow-capped mountains, barren landscapes, cascading rivers and sparkling streams. this heaven on earth is located on the plains of Spiti River adding to the charm of Kaza. you will be enchanted with its unique blend of ancient culture and modernity that makes it an offbeat place in Himachal Pradesh. this town acts as the base camp for several trekking journeys like Parang-La and Pin-Parvati. you can also trek to historic wonders like Key Monastery, Chandra Taal and Kunzum Pass.

best time to visit: May to October

how to reach: travel by bus from Bhuntar airport or nearest railway station which is 365km away.

9.  Barog – the fairytale land

just like any other town in Himachal, Barog is yet another town with wonderlands like snowy mountains and remarkable greenery. but what makes this town off-beat is its pre-colonial history and ancient stories. a quiet and beautiful place for travellers, Barog has it all. Barog, situated at a height of 1560 meters, is located in the Solan district. travellers can also trek and camp here during the monsoon season. this offbeat destination in Himachal Pradesh needs to be on your bucket list when planning your trip.

best time to visit: June to October

how to reach: travel by cab or bus to Barog railway station and then head onto the toy train.

10. Hampta Pass – the true way of life

Hampta is a small village that is just 12km away from Manali. located in the Kullu district, this village is where you will experience the true nature of the old-age way of life. get your dose of adrenaline here by paragliding and get an aerial view of the Beas River. go for rappelling and trek along the Hampta Pass and bask in the beauty that this offbeat place in Himachal Pradesh has to offer. stroll along the streams and trees of this valley to hear your own thoughts.

best time to visit: June to October

how to reach: travel by cab or bus from Manali.

11. Theog – the escape you need

Theog is one of the best offbeat places in Himachal. if you are in search of a comfortable and exciting weekend getaway, Theog is your place. it is popular for its camping sites that let you experience nature in its true form. escape the hustle and bustle of city life and find peace amidst the massive mountains.

best time to visit: October to November

how to reach: 30 km away from Shimla, you can get on a bus or hire a cab to Theog.


12. Beral – beauty and a feast to the eyes

Beral is a small charming town that is known for its unique, but traditional architecture. the houses here have the ground floor built for domestic animals and the rest of the house on the upper floors. a hamlet wrapped in the arms of pine forests and apple orchards; tranquillity is in the air of Beral. transport yourself to a different era while living the best vacay possible in this offbeat place in Himachal.

best time to visit: July to December

how to reach: for this 4-hour drive from Shimla, you can hire a cab or get on a bus.

13. Langza – the fossil village

visiting Langza is like visiting a place for a soul-changing experience. nestled between Tibet and India, Langza is situated in a bowl-shaped area amongst the snowy landscapes and mountains. also known as the Fossil Village of Spiti Valley, this village has an abundance of prehistoric marine fossils which makes it an offbeat place in Himachal. here you can also witness the majestic 100-year-old Golden Buddha statue which is soothing to the eyes even from miles away. this is a place where people say time stands still and changes your perception of life in the most positive way.


best time to visit: May to September

how to reach: hire a car or cab from Kaza.

14. Gushaini – fishing all the way

Gushaini or Trout Country, as it is popularly known, lies near the Tirthan River. it is the perfect spot for fishing trout as its name suggests. you can plan an outdoor camping trip here on the banks of the Tirthan River. the National Fantastic Himalayan Park is just 20km away from Gushaini. to make this trip even more interesting, visit this Himalayan Park that houses 30 species of animals and 300 species of birds. hike through the park and explore the beauty on foot. an underrated but offbeat place in Himachal has to be Gushaini.

best time to visit: June to December

how to reach: hire a cab or get on a bus from the nearest railway station which is Joginder Nagar Railway station or Chandigarh Railway station.

15. Malana – a mystery to uncover

Malana is one of India’s most beautiful and mysterious villages. Located in the lap of Parvathi Valley, this village is a sight for the eyes. The town is famous for its cannabis plantation and is hidden by the lush forests of the valleys. This village is heavily run on the Greek management system and has its own set of laws when it comes to tourists. The people here hold themselves to the highest form of purity. Tourists are not allowed to stay here overnight, hence plan your visit to this best offbeat place in Himachal Pradesh carefully.

best time to visit: April to August

how to reach: hire a cab from Jari to reach the end of the road and then trek the 4 km trail to Malana village from the endpoint.

Himachal Pradesh is the most sought out destination for travellers around the world. the magic of the mountains compels us to worship this beauty created by God. rejuvenate yourself with the crisp air and purity of nature. get your backpacks ready and off you go to these offbeat places in Himachal Pradesh.

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