best cheapest cryptocurrency to invest in India in 2022

best cheapest cryptocurrency to invest in India in 2022

“cheapest cryptocurrency to invest in india”, this is literally the most searched line on the internet by the teens right now and well, we all know why. cryptocurrencies are the new hot talk of the town, making teens go gaga over it. these past few months scrolling through the internet has made people have major FOMO on crypto. and we mean, they’re right. cause us gen-z people have got only one fantasy and that is to keep us with the trend, isn’t it?

kids these days have made crazy gains over a meme coin and we cannot get more jealous. kidding? no, we’re absolutely not. who knew petting a doge could’ve made your wallet go crazy fat. now while good projects like bitcoin and ethereum have provided more stability to the community, cheap coins like shiba inu have attention from the young crowd cause they’re not only affordable but also have good chances of surging fast.

list of cheapest currency to invest in India
  • shiba inu (shib)
  • doge coin (doge)
  • vechain (vet)
  • ripple (xrp)
  • matic
  • wazirx token (wrx)
  • basic attention token (bat)
  • cardano (ADA)
  • polkadot (dot)
  • internet of things token (iotx)
  • decentraland (mana)
  • axie infinity token (axs)
  • uniswap token (uni)

If you’re looking out for the cheapest cryptocurrency to invest in, we’ve got you covered. So without wasting any time, let’s get on to the list.

1. shiba inu (shib)

cheapest cryptocurrency to invest in india - shiba inu

the key rule of the crypto world is, you should only invest in it when you are ready to take the risk. and well, we know that you teens survive on the risk factor. why else would we text our crush while we’re sitting in the same class? so if you are looking for a booming short term investment, we cannot see a better project than shiba inu.

the coin is currently lying at ₹0.00296435 (please note that the prices of the coins keep changing, to check the current price, you can visit any wallet or simply google it). although the chances of this coin increasing are high with more people trying to invest but the volatility of the coin is much higher. So risk-takers, unite. It’s either double or nothin’ :p

P.s- always make sure to check the time when you’re buying. if you’re purchasing the coin during its all-time high, the risk rate remains high.

2. doge coin (doge)

cheapest cryptocurrency to invest in india - doge coin

you know you’re always in profit when you buy a doggo, especially the one that Elon Musk has officially adopted. honestly, dogecoin is the single sh*t coin that we feel has the potential to boom in the future. take this year as an example, doge has given major profit to its holders and that too in a very short span. the juicy profits have simply swept everyone off of the floor.

started as a meme coin, doge is now a good project with an amazing scope as SpaceX has decided to launch a satellite named after doge which will go to the moon. of course, taking the price to the moon too 😉

the current price of a doge is ₹16.15 but again, the prices are volatile. it may be up at one moment and crash at the other, so frenz, don’t forget to take out yo’ phones and check the price before you invest in it.

3. vechain (vet)

cheapest cryptocurrency to invest in india - vechain

If you’re a teen with a mind of an adult, and you’re looking to invest in a safer yet cheaper project, this is what you were looking for. not to get into the tiny boring details but the project aims to provide a more secure digital transaction. When the real-world use case of a project is high, it is considered to be a stable and profitable coin, which vechain is.

currently, the price of vet is running at a solid ₹8.96 and is most likely to rise up surprisingly by the end of 2022.

4. ripple (xrp)

cheapest cryptocurrency to invest in india - ripple

ripple started off as a dream project from banking institutions for it increased the speed of transaction so much that everyone went gaga over it. The token (xrp) has good potential to grow as compared to many other altcoins and is of course considered to be the cheapest cryptocurrency to invest in 2022.

although the recent lawsuit against ripple really screwed with it’s price. however, the grass seems to be green and things have started looking in the favour of the coin. In conclusion, you would be taking the right decision if you’re investing in xrp. that one sunday where you were gonna splurge with your friends, use that money to get xrp instead. you’d be thankful for the juicy profit you would have made by then. thanks to your akudo card ;p

5. matic

cheapest cryptocurrency to invest in india - matic

teens who are really looking for the cheapest yet best cryptocurrency to invest in India in 2022, matic might tickle your fantasy. To put it very simply, the project was created to solve the scalability issues of ethereum i.e. to increase its transaction speed. some do say that matic is an awesome blossom long term project. while some may also say that you can make killer profits from matic some may also argue that this is the best coin to cut you some crazy profit in a very short time.

The major reason why we consider matic to be a cracker project is cause it is linked to ethereum in one way or the other. meaning, the chances of the price going low or remaining the same are next to impossible.

currently, matic is running at a hot ₹141.66 and the signals of price surging are all green. so get your teeny urge to splurge turn into investment goals.

6. wazirx token (wrx)

cheapest cryptocurrency to invest in india - wazirx

wazirx token was released right after Binance released their token (bnb). and it is quite honestly one of the cheapest cryptocurrency to invest in India with the highest potential. The token is based on the Binance blockchain and tends to benefit the app users in more than one way.

considering the surge in bnb token, we are positive that wrx would only profit you in near future. we would not want to miss out on this magic token, the price of wrx is at ₹99.5. So go, grab some wrx token for yourself and take a step towards a smarter and more secured adulthood.

7. basic attention token (bat)

cheapest cryptocurrency to invest in india - basic attention token

the token which starts with the name of our favourite superhero is bound to perform well, isn’t it? :p basic attention token has attracted a lot of potential teens not only cause it’s cheap but also because it has shown some crazy results in the past. The main purpose of the token is to distribute the bucks among publishers, advertisers and readers.

also considered to be one of the cheapest cryptocurrencies in India, bat is currently lying at ₹119.6. traders have made hot profits when bat magically rose practically from the ashes. and of course, the potential of which is seen to be sky-high.

8. cardano (ADA)

cheapest cryptocurrency to invest in india - cardano

rumours are, cardano has the potential to be the next ethereum. the main use of this project is used in traceability and identity management. programmers from bitcoin are taking a shift towards cardano because of its smooth process to create smart contracts on its blockchains.

getting away from the tech-savvy words, if you teens are looking out for a cheap cryptocurrency to invest in, take the bet on cardano. you would never be disappointed. now that new contracts have started in the contracts, chances are that ada is gonna take a huge hit to the moon. the current price of ada is 125.87 however don’t fogget’ that the prices are volatile and might lie anywhere by the time you are reading this. So fellas, hit that search button while you are looking to invest in our all-time favourite coin.

9. polkadot (dot)

cheapest cryptocurrency to invest in india - polka dot

polkadot is that fat kid in the school who transforms and turns out to be an absolute bomb during their college days. and no, we’re not joking on this. the coin has sky-rocketed and shot up to a 1000% since august 2020 giving major FOMO to the trend followers.

unlike many other altcoins, polkadot has not even proved to be that volatile. as in, the coin won’t dissipate to zero (which many altcoins have the potential to do). in the near future, we can only suspect bombarding things on the way to this token. we love you and we would hate to watch you pull your hair on why you didn’t buy this earlier, so pick your akudo card now and rush to buy some dots.

the current price of polkadot is seen to be at ₹2,970 now as much as we hate repeating. folks, these prices are at the time this article was written.

10. internet of things token (iotx)

cheapest cryptocurrency to invest in india - internet of things

iotx is used to make transactions, for staking yo’ gems and even for governance. the name might not be as tacky but the project sure is. as a technology, the project is very promising

iotx is currently at ₹11.871 and looking at the future, we feel there can be a broader adoption of this token. of course, hiking the prices by a lot. not to forget that this token costs just as much as a packet of small maggi, so make your investments wisely :p

11. decentraland (mana)

cheapest cryptocurrency to invest in india - decentraland

if you are an active Instagram user, you are prolly aware of the metaverse hype. decentraland has hiked like crazy this year, particularly in the last 3 months as the virtual world got in more demand. whenever you’re done with this world, just go live your second life at a place you can do whatever you wanna 😉

the current token price for decentraland is ₹343 and honestly, we’re only looking forward to the cause of the crazy hype this coin has. the most fun yet the cheapest cryptocurrency in India is here to blow your mind so don’t forget to get some mana in your wallet

12. axie infinity token (axs)

cheapest cryptocurrency to invest in india - axie infinity token

the market has taken up on virtual world crypto and it’s time other tokens start watching out for themselves. axie infinity is again a booming project. also leading the nft game, the most interesting part about this token is that you can have fun while you dig some bucks out of it.

the price for axs right now is ₹11,000 giving a sneak peek of the lucrative future to its holders. we mean, come on who wouldn’t look forward to get into crypto that is also a game that allows you to cut some coins side by side.

13. uniswap token (uni)

cheapest cryptocurrency to invest in india - uniswap coin

and we wanted the last one to be the best one so we saved uniswap until now. To put it simply, uniswap helps in trading ethereum tokens with the help of liquidity pools. the token has recently become leading decentralised finance of course kicking the prices to the moon which is currently running at ₹1717 (make sure to check the prices when you are buying it)

it goes without saying that uniswap is the best cheap cryptocurrency to invest in India with the highest potential. If you’re a teen, you can simply buy a small part of uni and just watch it grow.


according to us, this is the best era cause teens these days are more exposed to technology than we were. not to be a joy killer but with s teeny tiny bit of smart investment, you can multiply your money by a lot.

we hope you learnt something in the jolliest way possible. so don’t wait up, go be a part of the crypto-verse and stay tuned with akudo for more teensy related stuff. Cause at the end, we’re just here to make your journey go smoothly.

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