top 10 fun money management activities for parents and kids

top 10 fun money management activities for parents and kids

it’s high time we replace ‘finance’ with ‘funance’ by having fun money management activities for kids. it’s in genzs blood, they’d understand anything if it’s fun enough so we’re here to help you out in making your kids more enthu about money and how to handle it.

mo’ money sure is mo fun but along with it comes splurging issues and that, my friend. that’s exactly what you gotta work on. little activities can make you teach your kids a lot. so without wasting any time further, let’s hop on the money management train cause it’s gonna be one hell of a ride

10 fun money management activities you gotta try out right away with kids

  • who saves the most?
  • pizza slice budget
  • truth, dare & situation
  • tell them about your investment profits
  • go shopping with them
  • play monetary games like monopoly
  • watch finance-related movies with teens
  • tell em’ a story or maybe just an experience
  • do some time travel
  • get them an akudo card

1. who saves the most?

honestly, sibling jealousy has the power to make your little ones do anything. so the next time, you might as well wanna use it to throw a fun game. tell your lil ones you’re throwing a savings competition. give them some pocket money and whoever saves the most by the end of 6 months will have extra money or maybe a lil treat.

why compare your kid to Sharma ji ka beta when you can compare them to your own kid this is not just a fun money management activity for kids but will also teach a thing or two about the importance of money.

2. pizza slice budget

a cool parent always knows how to teach their kids out of anything and honestly, we’re just trying to make you cool. having a pizza night? your kids are probably already very happy which makes it the best time to make them understand some budgeting.

when the pizza arrives, you can name it as your income. now separate the slices and represent them as your expenses. give the slice of ‘savings’ to them, telling them it’s who you’re earning for.

3. truth, dare & situation

no matter which fun money activity for kids do you host, it’s not gonna be as lit as the classic truth, dare and situation. you can play truth asking their kid where did they spend the money that they received from nani or well, if they sneaked out some bucks from your wallet.

you can also dare them to save their money for 1 month and if they cheat, you’ll be calling dibs on the money they’re gonna get from the relatives. but honestly, now comes the best part, the situation bit. here you can put your kids in the imagination mode and check their management skills. ask them if they had 1000 becks, how would they use them.

4. tell them about your investment profits

when you give your kid money, you help them feel rich temporarily. When you give your kids financial knowledge, you’re telling them how to cut their way into the world of the rich. the next time you have any profit from your investment, make sure to tell your kid about it. what’s a more fun money management activity than mutual funds and crypto?

if you have a kid who is on the verge of their teens, you can also take their opinions on which project you can invest. kids absolutely love when parents think that they have some idea of finance. Two days later, you’ll find your kid studying about something new, advising you where to invest.

5. go shopping with them

although one might not realise it but it’s only through the daily activities that we influence our little ones to manage money. if you wanna literate them about smart buying, you MUST take your kids even when you’re going shopping. the art of haggling, choosing affordable products over the expensive ones and well, getting the perfect sale offers come from here.

make sure to keep on teaching your kids about the brands you’re choosing and what’s the reason for you choosing them. the next time you go shopping, the kids would already know what to choose.

6. play monetary games like monopoly

playing monopoly is one of the most fun money managing activity for kids. this way, you’re getting to teach them about money while spending some quality time together. monopoly is actually a pretty smart option. along with managing the bucks, the kids are also getting a hang of where should they invest to make their money rise.

so from now on, whenever you want to do something fun, just take out the monopoly board. or if you wanna have some quality time with your little ones over the weekend, just get the snacks ready.

7. watch finance-related movies with teens

if you ask us, there’s nothing better than a movie night, especially when you’re getting to teach your kids about money. of course since Money Heist or Squid game is not something you would wanna show your teens. so you can just look for kid-friendly movies that also talk about money and how to utilise them properly.

however, make sure to not be so assertive. Let the kids enjoy the movie first. Keep on asking what would have they done if they were in this situation. Kids love the world of imagination so be prepared to hear some of the most amazing answers

8. tell em’ a story or maybe just an experience

storytelling is also a very fun money managing activity for kids and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Have an interesting story where you were stuck in a monetary situation and there was no way out? Or well, the time when you almost hit a treasure box.

kids learn the best when you tell the experience to them you can also just read out Aladdin story and ask them what would have they wished for if Alladin came to them. oh and never forget to fit in the lesson everywhere.

9. do some time travel

your kids would understand the wealth effect the most when you follow up with the social media trend. make them write, draw or imagine where do they see themselves in the next 10 years. What is their dream house like, what do they do as their profession?

and now coming to the most important question, ask them about the price of the resources. like, come on we all know things like gas, petrol are gonna be super expensive, might as well be prepared for this. also make your kid understand why is it important to save resources along with the money.

10. get them an akudo card

kids would only be able to understand the importance of money once they get to handle their own expenses. you can get an akudo card made for your kids, this prepaid card will allow your kids to shop on their own, giving them a sense of independence.

plus, how cool is that? a kid having a card. woah. and wait, that’s not it. We’ll also give the best deals so that your little ones compare before shopping and try to save as much as they can.

some last wise words of wisdom,

these fun money managing activities for kids are the best way to make them walk on the path of financial freedom. we’re all in to break the traditional stereotype of taking finance all seriously.

so these were some of the activities that you can try out with your young buds to learn about money managing in the most amazing way possible. Try it all out and let us know which one worked out the best for y’all folks.

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