top 9 hill stations near Rajasthan that are perfect for a vacation in 2022

top 9 hill stations near Rajasthan that are perfect for a vacation in 2022

Rajasthan, a place with colourful cities, royalty, culture and much more. words are not enough to define the beauty of this royalty. but this state is much more than its enigmatic deserts, historic forts, luxurious palaces and massive sand dunes. have you thought about exploring hill stations near Rajasthan? people often avoid the scorching heat of Rajasthan, but that is because you only think of the deserts. at times, you need to think out-of-the-box and explore off-beat places in Rajasthan. Rajasthan is anything but basic.

escape the sweltering heat of Rajasthan by trotting along with the hill stations in and around Rajasthan. if you’re a true travel junkie, you must have seen your favourite travel vlogger explore these uncommon places. but if not, we are here for you. together, let us look at the scenic and surreal hill stations near Rajasthan where you can escape the stress of city life and rejuvenate your soul to nirvana.

list of hill stations near Rajasthan

  • Mount Abu
  • Guru Shikhar
  • Sajjangarh
  • Achalgarh
  • Ranakpur
  • Dhanaulti
  • Kasauli
  • Nainital
  • Kufri

1. Mount Abu – walking along with architectural wonders

the only hill station in Rajasthan, Mount Abu is a perfect getaway for nature lovers and architectural fanatics. this serene hill station is surrounded by lush greenery with the Aravalli Mountain range in the backdrop. a small town with huge wonders, here the Dilwara temples are the highlight. you can also catch magnificent sunsets here brimming with beauty and drops of gold. treat yourself to a quiet weekend here with your dear ones and breathe in the peaceful air of Mount Abu.

how to get there: Mount Abu is just 163 km from Udaipur, thus the best way to travel is by car or bus.

2. Guru Shikhar – explore the peak of tranquillity

Guru Shikhar or Peak of the Guru as it is popularly known is the highest peak of the Aravalli range. this place is famous for its tranquil nature and an incredible view of the whole Aravalli and Mount Abu Valley. this place is named after Guru Dattatreya who, as legends say, stayed here as a monk in the early days of his life. a temple in his memory has been built on the top of the peak. trek to this place for a mesmerizing experience. visit this hill station near Udaipur and explore its rich history

how to get there: Guru Shikhar is merely a 15km cab ride away from Mount Abu.

3. Sajjangarh – live like the Mewars

the grand palace of Sajjangarh is the place to be when trying to get away from the scorching heat of Rajasthan. built on a picturesque peak, this hill station near Rajasthan gives a panoramic sight of Udaipur city complemented with the magical view of Fateh Sagar Lake. the place houses the popular Sajjangarh Palace or Monsoon Palace which was scientifically built to harvest the monsoon water. this unique architectural marvel will blow your mind. the Mewars definitely knew how to make a statement with their grand gestures and culture.

how to get there: barely 12 km away from Udaipur, Sajjangarh is just a drive away.

4. Achalgarh – the peak of the temples

located near Mount Abu, this charming village of Achalgarh is an ideal weekend getaway from Jodhpur and Udaipur. this hill station near Udaipur boasts of beautiful temples and intricate sculptures made of a combination of 5 metals including gold. visit places like Achalgarh fort and Achleshwar temple to soothe your soul and refresh your mind. to have a quiet weekend, you can simply experience the music of mountains at Achalgarh or indulge in an adventurous trek.

how to get there: 11km from Mount Abu and almost 4 hours from Udaipur, you can hire a cab or get on a bus.

5. Ranakpur – the land of pilgrims

a pretty little down standing amidst the Aravalli, Ranakpur is one of the most popular hill stations near Rajasthan. it was named after Rana Kumbha, the great Rajput King. Ranakpur is an essential destination for Jain pilgrims with temples like Adinatha, Chaumukha and Parasnath Temple dedicated to Jainism. apart from its ancient temples, you can find yourself amidst the eloquent beauty of lush greenery and vibrant culture. explore the thrilling side of the town by indulging in activities like wildlife jeep safari, camel ride, wildlife spotting, trekking and much more.

how to get there: 162 km away from Jodhpur, you can hire a car or travel in the state bus.

6. Dhanaulti – place where heaven begins

this hill station near Jaipur is located in Uttarakhand. the understated place is situated in the midst of the Himalayas and its elevation ensures that you get a spectacular view of the Himalayan range all around you. you can explore the magnificent Deogarh fort and many more forts. enlighten your soul by visiting temples like the Surkanda Devi Temple. you can also find many adventurous activities like zip-lining, trekking, sky walking, etc. a drive to Dhanaulti might sound tedious, but will surely be a treat to the eyes when driving through the gorgeous mountains and forests.

how to get there: you can drive or take a bus from Jaipur to this hill station near Rajasthan.

7. Kasauli – the Himalayan abode

Kasauli in Himachal Pradesh is a perfect escape from the heat of Rajasthan. this hill station near Rajasthan is known for its serene beauty and colonial architecture. the main attractions of Kasauli are the activities, sunset points, forts and intricate temples. also get your brew on at the Kasauli Brewery and sip on delicious wine without a care in the world. Amazing weather, serene view and the company of your loved ones, this hill station near Jaipur has your weekend sorted.

how to get there: you can get on a train from Jaipur to Ambala Cantt. and hire a taxi from Kasauli.

8. Nainital – the serene lake city

escape from the hustle and bustle of the city life at this hill station near Rajasthan. it got its name from the lake that it surrounds which is shaped like a glossy eye. Nainital is an abode where you can enjoy the pleasant weather and natural beauty peacefully. you can boat in the Naini Lake, get a beautiful view of the landscape at the Tiffin top and shop at the Tibetan shops. stroll on the streets on Nainital and soak in the goodness of life here.

how to get there: you can fly, take a train or take a bus from Jaipur to Nainital.

9. Kufri – the winter wonderland

what makes this hill station near Rajasthan unique? it houses the highest amusement park in the world! this alone will make anyone want to visit Kufri. enclosed by the Himalayan mountains, this place offers skiing and trekking to adventurous souls. that is not all. the valley is blessed with rich flora and fauna, thick pine and deodar forests that make Kufri a dream world. cheer yourself up with an interesting horse ride and Yak ride.

how to get there: you can take a flight from Jaipur to Shimla and then a cab to Kufri. you can also get on a train to Ambala Cantt. and then a cab.

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