top 17 things to do in Kasol for a 2022 excursion

top 17 things to do in Kasol for a 2022 excursion

demystify the secrets of the hills and clear the fog in your heads in the peaks of Kasol. the Mini Israel of India, Kasol is one of the most popular hill stations for the hippies out there. nesting in the magical Parvati Valley, Kasol is famous for its adventurous treks, thriving river, mouth-watering food and most of all, the welcoming souls of the locals and tourists there.

away from the bustling city life, embrace the whoosh of wind and lose yourself in the trance of Kasol. this hotspot is a must-visit for all backpackers and travel enthusiasts at least once. discover this land of hippies by living like a hippie. visit this humble abode in Himachal and make memories for a lifetime. how? you ask. that’s what we are here for. read on to find out about the most popular things to do in Kasol.

let us begin by telling you about the flavoursome cafes and restaurants that you should visit when in Kasol.

  • Moon Dance Café
  • Riverview Café
  • Stone Garden Café
  • Kheerganga trek
  • Solang Valley – paragliding
  • Parvati River-Whitewater River rafting
  • Kheerganga & Tirthan Valley – camping
  • ride from Kasol to Spiti Valley on a bike
  • the famous rice beer
  • an Israeli feast
  • hot spring at Manikaran
  • stroll on the banks of the Parvati River
  • shopping
  • Hype Music Festival
  • the Himalayan Village
  • Malana Village
  • make your way to Tosh

1. Moon Dance Café

Moon Dance Café - top things to do in kasol

if you don’t visit the Moon Dance Café in Kasol, then you’re surely missing out. a popular spot for all tourists, this laid-back café is known for its delectable food, soothing ambience and welcoming service.

why should you visit?

the Moon Dance Café is known for its breakfast menu and is a part of the top places to visit and top things to do in Kasol. enjoy a meal in the heart of the hills without burning a hole in your pockets.

best time to visit – all year round

how to reach? – located in the main market of Kasol. you can easily walk there.

price – 650 INR for two

2. Riverview Café

Riverside Café - top things to do in kasol

enjoy a meal with the sounds of pristine water flowing in full force. like the name suggests, the café sits next to a beautiful river that enhances your whole experience of a meal. you need no music to fill up the peaceful silence of the hills when you have the music of a river. a delicious meal, the symphony of nature and the company of yourself, what else could you ask for?

why should you visit?

the Riverview café is the answer to your question of what to do in Kasol. you need to trek to this café which is absolutely worth it. fill yourself up with quick bites with an amazing view after your trek.

best time to visit – all year round

how to reach? – 30-minute trek from Jari

price – 900 INR for two

3. Stone Garden Café

Stone Garden Café - top things to do in kasol

this is your go-to café for Israeli cuisine. this café not only serves lip-smacking food, but also hosts live performances for its guests. filled with tourists from all over the place, this café has a trippy ambience with an equally trippy vibe. sit back with a beer and relish to the tunes of talented artists.

why should you visit?

for one, it is one of those cafes that serve alcohol who love a little buzz in their lives. secondly, enjoy authentic Israeli food which Kasol is famous for and it has multiple vegan options for our woke citizens.

best time to visit – all year round

how to reach? – few minutes of walk from the main Kasol street

price – 700 INR for two

a Kasol trip is incomplete without experiencing its adventurous activities. Kasol is famous for its treks, river rafting and many such activities that you cannot skip at all. we have listed down the top things to do in Kasol and when in Kasol which you can add to your trip itinerary without a doubt. so, let’s get trippin’.

4. Kheerganga trek

kheerganga trek - top things to do in kasol

this four-hour trek will be the highlight of your Kasol trip. people, not only from India, but from around the world participate in this magical trek. at the top, you can find yourself among the mist of clouds and the serene view of snow-capped mountains. challenging, yet worth the hype, this trek will give you views of glittering waterfalls and spectacular valleys. walk around the pine and apple trees and relax. this is the best thing to do in Kasol and for yourself in the span of your entire lifetime.

why should you visit?

the trek leads you to the mystical Lord Shiva temple and soothing hot springs in which you can bathe in. you can also camp out under the twinkling stars with a bonfire to keep you warm.

best time to visit – March to November

how to reach? – 14km trek from Tosh

price – 1500 INR onwards

5. Solang Valley – paragliding

solang valley -paragliding - top things to do in kasol

leave all your stress behind and fly high at Solan Valley with its most popular activity – paragliding. along with experiences like zorbing, cable car, skiing, etc., get your adrenaline pumping by defying gravity and flying into the horizon. paragliding at Solang should definitely be on the top of your list of things to do in Kasol.

why should you visit?

witness the magic of Mother Nature in all it’s glory like a majestic bird. the activities at Solang are priced at cheap rates which you’ll never find in the chaos of a city. now you know what to do in Kasol for sure.

best time to visit – April to November

how to reach? – 3 hr drive from Kasol

price – 1000 INR onwards


6. Parvati River-Whitewater River rafting

Parvati River-Whitewater River rafting - top things to do in kasol

kick out your live-on-the-edge attitude and immerse yourself in the river rafting experience at the Parvati River. beat through the waves of the river in this thrilling experience. you can rent rafting suits and life jackets for only 100 INR and you’re ready to go.

why should you visit?

the rush of water in the midst of calm hills is a unique experience that Kasol is famous for. you won’t get this chance of Whitewater River rafting experience once you go back home.

best time to visit – October to February

how to reach? – Local buses and car

price – 500 INR onwards

7. Kheerganga & Tirthan Valley – camping

Kheerganga & Tirthan Valley – camping - top things to do in kasol

set up your tents at this popular spot in Kasol and experience the joys of life under the twinkles of stars on a cold night. surround yourself in the tranquillity of the valley under the lush pine trees and the stunning Serolsar lake in Tirthan Valley. this is one of the must-do things to do in Kasol.

why should you visit?

the adventure of sleeping in the unknown is a different experience altogether. share this experience with your friends and fellow travellers to make memories under the stars.

best time to visit – March to November

how to reach? – 14km trek from Tosh

price – 1500 INR onwards

8. ride from Kasol to Spiti Valley on a bike

ride from Kasol to Spiti Valley on a bike - top things to do in kasol

To all the daredevils, this biking trip is said to be the most challenging, but thrilling experience with unruly roads and dangerous paths. However, the picturesque sights make it the trip worth it. This is a 65-hour journey that will require all your courage and challenge your inner wanderer.

why should you visit?

This is your chance to make your travel story even more exciting, cover a distance of approx. 1500 km, a number of places on this trail and live the nomad life you always wanted to.

best time to visit – March to August

how to reach? – 1500km to Spiti Valley

now for the folks who just want to chill at Kasol and take it easy, it’s a paradise for you as well. this town in the hills is a haven to clear your mind and drink up the beauty of this landscape. lounge back at these places and explore the simple beauty that Kasol is famous for.

9. the famous rice beer

the famous rice beer - things to do in kasol

Kasol is famous for its brewed rice beer. a delicious drink that has absolutely no alcohol content. rice beer is a very popular beverage here which is easy to get if you ask for a local’s help. you can get it from the place that you are crashing at or simply ask your local guide to get it for you. it is a must-try when in Kasol.

10. an Israeli feast

an Israeli feast - things to do in kasol

cozy up in a quaint café and treat your taste buds to an amazing Israeli feast. surrounded by the snow-capped Himalayas, basking in the melodious music and having a scrumptious Israeli mean. doesn’t that sound like a dream? Kasol is known as the Mini Israel of India for its popular Israeli food that became prominent after Kasol witnessed a high number of Israeli tourists. cafes like Evergreen and Stone Garden Café are known for their Israeli food. you can also enjoy the Israeli cuisine at food stalls and the last in the main market. this should be on top of your things to do in Kasol.

11. hot spring at Manikaran

hot spring at Manikaran - things to do in kasol

Manikaran, a pilgrimage for numerous Sikhs and Hindus, is where you will find natural and sacred hot springs. it is located on the Parvathi River in the Kullu district. people bathe in the ponds of the hot springs as it is considered holy. pilgrims also cook rice as their offering to Gods at the temples here. bathing in the holy water and embarking on a religious journey, Manikaran is the place which Kasol is famous for.

12. stroll on the banks of the Parvati River

stroll on the banks of the Parvati River - things to do in kasol

hear the gushing water of the Parvati River overlooking the Parvati Valley and there you have your Kasol trip sorted. get amazed by the view of forests on either side of the river and breathe in the crisp air to clear your muddled head. the overshadowing pine trees are your best friends here. for the adventure junkies, this is your river-rafting heaven. you can cross the river and walk to the other side on a wobbly wooden bridge that will tickle your adrenaline. we don’t think we have to tell you what to do in Kasol once you’re settled here.

13. shopping in Kasol market

shopping in Kasol market - things to do in kasol

yes, this place is a paradise for all shopaholics. you can just get away with buying your trip souvenirs here. you will be compelled to buy the intricate designs of their carpets, sheets, and rugs that Kasol is famous for. even though the town is small, the fashion here has no boundaries. take back home the fragrance of Kasol with aromatic oils. after visiting the shopping streets of Kasol, you might need to pack an extra bag to fill up with your shopping spree. the best places to shop at Kasol are Flea Market Kasol, Akhara Bazaar, Bhuttico and Tibetan Bazaar.

14. Hype Music Festival

Hype Music Festival - things to do in kasol

this land is obsessed with psychedelic experiences and Kasol is famous for hosting the trippy Hype Music festival where you can enjoy surreal nights of music, bonfire and barbeque food. find yourself amidst renowned DJs and people from around the world. enhance your Kasol trip by visiting during this festival between the mountains and enchanted valleys of Kasol.

15. the Himalayan Village

the Himalayan village - things to do in Kasol

when looking for a bar to get it on with a cold beer, the Himalayan Village is your destination. this bar is one of the most elegant and posh places in Kasol. the Himalayan Village has multiple outlets of restaurants and traditional Himalayan bars. get the finest drinks around the world with a cozy setting and fun company. The ambience is chic and boasts of vintage décor. This bar could be stated as costly, but totally commendable for its hospitality. This bar is also located between the Kullu district and Parvati Valley.

16. Malana Village

Malana village- things to do in kasol

Malana is a town that needs to be explored for its intriguing nature. nestled in the hills of Kasol, Malana is a village known for its exclusive rules and customs when it comes to visitors. the place is enchanting with its beautiful greenery. you can only visit this place by undertaking a short climb which could prove to be challenging for some. take out one whole day to visit Malana village in your list of things to do in Kasol. you have to keep in mind that visitors are not allowed to stay there overnight.

17. make your way to Tosh

make your way to tosh - things to do in kasol

unveil the beauty of Tosh at an altitude of 2400 meters away from the disorder of the world. this traditional village in Himachal is located in the lap of Parvati Valley. here you can find cannabis plantations along the hills of the Himalayan plantation. the view will take away your breath and leave you wanting for more. experiencing the colourful culture of Tosh is what Kasol is known for. apart from this, you can chill at cute cafes and homestays to experience the party life of Tosh

Frequently Asked Questions

how to spend a weekend in Kasol?

spend your weekend at quaint cafes, trek along the Parvathi Valley and enjoy the streets of Kasol. you can also engage in river rafting and camping under the magic of stars.

what are the top places to eat in Kasol?

Jim Morrison Café, Evergreen Café, Moon Dance Café and Stone Garden Café are some of the popular spots to have Israeli means and live music.

what are the best shopping places in Kasol?

the best places to shop at Kasol are Flea Market Kasol, Akhara Bazaar, Bhuttico and Tibetan Bazaar. quench your shopping thirst at these traditional bazaars.

top places to visit at night in Kasol?

you can visit the bars in the Parvati Valley and cafes in the main market. these places are high on psychedelic music and trippy lights which will transport you to a different level of trance.

what is the best time of year to visit Kasol?

Kasol is a place that is beautiful all year round. this serene place is a beautiful sight all the time. however, considering the blizzard and safety protocols, the best time to visit Kasol is March to November.

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