top 11 ways to make money as teenagers in India in 2022

top 11 ways to make money as teenagers in India in 2022

How to make money as a teenager? This is something very common and frequently asked question on the web so we’re here to solve it for you. Imagine the best years of your life being the most financially dependent years too. Sounds dreadful, doesn’t it?

And trust us when we say this, no one would understand it better than the 90’s kids. So here we are, taking a small step to make sure that getting money from your bua & nani is not your primary source of income as a teen.

Making money isn’t that hard now when almost all of us have an internet connection and a mobile phone. You can literally try out a number of things before setting your foot into one thing that finally suits your expertise & promises you a thick wallet. If you are wondering how to make money as a teenager? Take a seat and let the show begin.

11 ways to make money as a teenager in India

  • do some freelancing
  • go gaga over PTC sites
  • start tutoring
  • start a YouTube channel
  • sell your old stuff
  • rent out your collections
  • sell your art
  • learn how to trade
  • become an influencer
  • some more ways to earn bucks
  • final tip

So cutting to the chase, here are some of the ways in detail that can help you in cracking the code of how to earn money as a teenager.

1. Do Some Freelancing

make money as teenager in India - freelancing

They say if you are good at something, don’t do it for free and we cannot agree more. Being a freelancer is the hottest trend right now that’s helping everyone, even the teens earn a lot of money. You can get a freelancing gig in any field of your choice. There are a ton of websites that directly connects you to the businesses or the customers.

All you need to do is develop some sample works that will vouch for your good work. Make sure to know the market price for your service so that you can do the charging and negotiation accordingly.

2. Go gaga over PTC sites

make money as teenager in India - use ptc sites

We all wanna know how to make money as a teenager from your couch, don’t we? Well, we have the answer to this. The internet era is a crazy one and it pays you for absolutely anything. PTC or paid to click websites allow you to earn simply by watching some videos or filling out some surveys.

Although this is kind of a tricky area cause, not all the PTC websites are trusted. You’d have to be smart while filling out the surveys, do a bit of the research, dive into the details. ALWAYS opt for trusted PTC sites if you do not want to waste your time.

3. Start Tutoring

make money as teenager in India - start tutoring sites

We asked a bunch of people about how to make money as a teenager. And the majority of them gave the same answer that was- tutoring. Well, they weren’t wrong. Tutoring is the easiest & the most convenient way to earn money. Look out for kids around you who need tutoring, we bet you can find a bunch of them in your society of the extended family.

You can also search for websites that need tutors. You can start with something as basic as languages. Utilise your skills by giving tuitions for any language you know well.

4. Start a YouTube channel

make money as teenager in India - start youtube channel

Teens these days are making hell amazing videos on pretty much anything and everything, gaining a lot of traction. Whether you are a dance fanatic or an art freak, if you’re good at what you do, you’ll make a fortune out of your videos.

Creating a channel is the easiest thing ever, however, make sure to be a bit patient cause good things take time. You can create a calendar, keep uploading videos on fixed dates, keep experimenting so as to see what time, content etc are working out for you.

Start by shooting basic videos from things you’ve learnt in the past. Once you’ve read the entire article, you can make a video on “How to make money as a teenager”. Not only would you be able to make some cash out of it but if luck favours, you might be the next known face on the screen all across social media.

5. Sell your old stuff

make money as teenager in India - sell old stuff

Today, you can do pretty much anything with the help of Social Media. Whether you want to sell your old electronic gadgets or rare collections, you’ll have a loooong list of people wanting to buy your collection.

Selling out the stuff you do not use anymore is the best hack to get money. Now of course that does not mean you can randomly start selling out stuff, sell only the things that you do not use or if you want to replace them.

Take a good look around your room, we bet you can find many things that are just sitting idly. So, folks, it’s time you go and make some bucks out of them for good. There are many apps like Quikr, eBay etc that will allow you to sell your collections. You can even post it on your Insta, Facebook if you want to sell it to a trusted contact.

6. Rent out your collections

make money as teenager in India - rent out your stuff

If you’re someone who is really fond of cool stuff, you can get benefitted from that too. Have a super amazing video game that people are envying all over the internet? Or a movie that you just bought? Start renting it out.

If you are looking out for the most effortless answer to how to earn money as a teenager, here you go. Whether you are a sports champ, an avid reader or a fashion fanatic, you can rent out anything that’s hot & trending in the market. You can also rent out your bicycles on an hourly or daily basis and earn money with them.

7. Sell your art

earn money as teenager in India - sell your art

When we say art, we’re not just limiting ourselves to paintings and creations. Today, art can be anything, the delicious cupcakes that you have baked or the jaw dropping top you just designed.

Even with a little bit of digital marketing and consistent posting of your stuff online, you can bring the crowd to your page. You can start with giving out free samples for a little while and once people have got a hold of your stuff, they would promote your art themselves.

Selling stuff online is pretty simple. You can start with something as basic as Instagram, invite your friends to like and share the page. Do a small giveaway and ta-da, you are all set for your big launch.

8. Learn how to trade

make money as teenager in India - learn how to trade

Stepping into the financial puddle might be a bit tricky but trust us, you will be glad to do so once you’ve learnt how to do it. You can learn a bit about crypto and stocks to do trading. You can start by saving a small amount of money, learn about a good project for a bit and then whenever the market is down, invest your money in it. With a little bit of patience and keen attention, you can legit double or dare we say, triple your money in no time.

Although trading comes in high reward, however, the chances of high risk are always there. So make sure to take good time in learning more about it than hustling to invest in anything foolishly.

9. become an influencer

make money as teenager in India - become influencer

scrolling through insta makes us discover soooo many talented artists. in fact, teens today are not sitting idly with their talent, they’re utilising it at their best. although becoming an influencer might not be the easiest thing, with consistency and trying out new things, you can have your face on the mini screen all across the country.

coming to the fun part, isn’t it a dream to get paid for what you love? so for all those who are thinking of how to make money as a teenager without doing some boring task, here you go.

10. some more ways to earn bucks

make money as teenager in India - teach swimming

there are one too many in which the young lads can earn money today. apart from the tips listed above, some of the other options to grab em’ bucks are-

– make your own podcast

– babysit your cousins

– rent out your space

– teach how to swim

– create websites

– start your dropshipping business

11. Last desi tip

make money as teenager in India - do daily chores

a wise man once said you can make money out of anything if you are smart enough. being a kid with no internet and mobile phones made us hack -how to earn money as a teenager

look around, you’ll find several things that your parents need to be get done. whether it is helping your mom in cleaning out the kitchen or assisting your dad in washing the cars. p.s- copying the projects for older siblings still remains the most profitable chore for many teens. :p

What is the one thing that we all want? And no matter how much do we have it, we can’t get enough of it. Yes, you guessed it right, it’s money. This post was dedicated to all the teenage hustlers out there who are looking to expand their wings and well, of course, the number in their bank account. For all our buddies who were looking out for ‘How to earn money as a teenager’, hope this answered all your questions.

You should be proud of yourself if you are looking to have financial independence from the early stages of your life. Following these points will not only help you earn but it will also groom your skills and prepare you for a better world.

So friends, get, set, earn! 😉

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