must-not- miss

financial topics

to cover with

your child



Existing Essential

meet the very basis of kharcha paani.

26 pe Naukari, 60 pe Retirement”

and all that’s in between

no, it’s not JUST about getting paid. learn what’s all more in the loop.


magar pyaar se

learn THE MOST IMPORTANT thing that makes all the difference when taking money.

Worth it


understand the valuable fundamental of worth.



find out the what could SAVE em from their temp temptations.

that can


(of budget)

discover the REAL KEY to your child’s financially secured future.

can change your life!

this idea

Explore the plethora of payment methods with your child.

Way(s) to Pay!

a horror story

Peek into this constant of your child’s financial journey.



banking is not the same as it used to be in ‘aapke zamane’ mein. know how!


a Love-Hate thing

get introduced to the helping hand for your child’s education abroad, cars, property & more.


loans ain’t just it. find what comes hand in hand with it.

An Interest-ing thing

Get to know why the child needs to know more of mortgages.

The treMOR(TAGE)

here’s how you can give your child a safety net for when it gets money-hard.

Into the world of Investing

Here are the DANGERS you must keep your child aware & away from

Thrashing Phishing Vishing

Learn why sharing is NOT caring for once.

Life Lesson Revamped:

Sharing ≠ Caring