top 10 book stores in Hyderabad for the reader in you

top 10 book stores in Hyderabad for the reader in you

what is better than the aromatic fragrance of fresh coffee in the morning? the sweet smell of a book being opened, opened by readers to escape in its magical world. call us book worms, book lovers, nerds or all that you want, but that won’t stop us from cosying up in any corner with a book. we don’t need visuals to enjoy a story, we can own the story by creating a whole new world. once the book is open, the real world is lost to us.

to keep our fellow readers updated with their daily dose of books, we have listed out some of the best book stores in Hyderabad for avid readers to get lost in. these stacked places will make you fall in love with books all over again.

list of the best bookstores in Hyderabad

  • MR Book Centre
  • E Babaih Book Store
  • Akshara Books
  • Sunday Book Bazar
  • Himalaya Book World
  • Walden
  • Crossword
  • Landmark
  • Universal Book Showroom
  • Rajkamal Book Agency

1. MR Book Centre

MR book centre - best book stores in hyderabad

let us begin with this paradise. MR Book Centre houses books ranging from classics written by Leo Tolstoy to biographies of Bob Marley, Elvis Presley and many more. you can haul all these books for prices as low as Rs. 100. if that is not enough, this book shop in Hyderabad holds frequent sale exhibitions where you can purchase such rare finds at Rs. 100 per kg. so what are you waiting for, haul it all up at one of the best book stores in Hyderabad!


2. E Babaih Book Store

E Babaiah - best book stores in hyderabad

for all you readers who haven’t heard of this book store in Hyderabad before, you are in for a treat. this niche is a vault of rare books from authors like Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Sudha Murthy and the likes of Shashi Tharoor. for all you regional readers, pick up Telugu classics by writers like Yaddanapudi Sulochana Rani, Vishwanatha Satyanarayana, Chalam and many more. you can also dig out translations by many such underrated regional writers from this best book store in Hyderabad.


3. Akshara Books

Akshara Books- best book stores in hyderabad

this is the place you can let out your bookworm and wander about in the halls of Akshara. explore the latest reads and classics under one roof at this book store in Hyderabad. lose yourself in fantasies and mysteries of the young adult section. upgrade your reading list with books by Indian authors and other jacketed classics. you can also catch popular author readings at Akshara from time to time. be a proud reader at this legacy store which is the best book store in Hyderabad.


4. Sunday Book Bazar

Sunday Bazaar - - best book stores in hyderabad

stroll along the Sunday book bazaar at Abids and buy second-hand books costing as low as Rs. 20. a true reader knows that bookshelves are filled with borrowed books which you never return. such is the vibe of the book bazaar bookstalls in Hyderabad. find amazing reads complemented with personal notes and messages by the previous owners. you don’t just read the stories in books; you discover the stories of the readers as well. decades and decades of old best-seller magazines can be bought here at Rs. 50. this Sunday, wake up your soul with the brew of books and stories.


5. Himalaya Book World

himalaya book world - best book stores in hyderabad

another book store in Hyderabad that is a cosy haven for readers out there. the fun element of this book store is that you come here for books and go back with not just books, but also colorful stationery. the ground floor is stacked with stationary that you cannot ignore. it brings out the child in you to buy those cute pencils and pens. the first floor is where you will find all your genres in paperback and hardcover. This best book store in Hyderabad has not forgotten the comic heads. you can also find all kinds of manga here for your comic collection.


6. Walden

walden - best book stores in hyderabad

Walden was a book store where you’d find much more than books. you name it, and you get it there. sadly, the store could not survive the pandemic, however, its essence never died. the owners opened up small stores with the same fire to spread the love for books. here you will find all genres being given equal importance. you find the best sellers and the underrated books at the same place. thus, you will never fall for the media hype here which makes it one of the best book stores in Hyderabad.

location: Banjara Hills, Hyderabad

7. Crossword

crossword - - best book stores in hyderabad

this blissful franchise was home to many while growing up. its easy accessibility makes it very successful around the country and go to book store in Hyderabad. this multi-outlet store, opposed to popular opinion, gives out a very welcoming and homely vibe. with its couches that allow you to read for hours and colorful stools amongst the aisles that keep you hidden to build your world of stories. find all the updated bestsellers stacked in a fancy pyramid that compels you to enter the store.


8. Landmark

landmark -best book stores in hyderabad

how can we forget the place where we would spend hours browsing through shelves of comics, stationeries and anything we could come across? from books to quirky merchandise, the book and comic nerds will find it all at this book store in Hyderabad. it’s a great place for little kids to browse through some amazing games and toys. this best book store in Hyderabad brings out the child in everyone.


9. Universal Book Showroom

universal book showroom - - best book stores in hyderabad

well, this bookstore is a goldmine for all the students out there. find college textbooks – both new and second-hand – for any courses. the arrangement of the books may seem disorganized, but the employees there can navigate through the store like a pro. get your exam night preparation sorted with books from this best book store in Hyderabad at any time..


10. Rajkamal Book Agency

rajkamal - best book stores in hyderabad

this book agency hosts academic as well as books authored by popular writers. this 50-year-old book store in Hyderabad has a courteous staff that will offer you the best possible book as per your requirement. it’s all about reading and growing here.


now that you have the list of the best book stores in Hyderabad, pick up an empty bag and waltz into these stores, stalls and libraries. fill up your bag with magical stories, inspiring characters and soulful poems. life is too short, why waste it by always living in reality when you can explore the world through alluring words.

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