15 Ways to Make Money as a Kid in 2023


15 Ways to Make Money as a Kid in 2023

Teenage is when you have a bucket full of dreams you want to fulfil and a pocket short of bucks to go about it. But fret not cause today we’re with a topic that will bring smiles to all the young faces – ways to make money as a kid.

We’re in 2023 where the world has fast forwarded and young talent is cherished. Yeah, that’s right! Gone are the days when a kid has to sit at home and kill their time. In this era, the young lads will not only work but also earn.

Let’s take a look at what you can do to earn money 👇

Become a tutor 

If you’re looking for a way to earn money and upskill, tutoring is the best way to do so. It’s 2023 so you don’t really have to make calls to your relatives asking if you can tutor their kids. 

You can simply visit any job portal like LinkedIn, or Internshala and find a part-time teaching job. Choose a subject that you’re really good at and get ready to spread the knowledge 💪

Become an Influencer

If you like your money come with a side of fame, this is the job for you 😉

Becoming an influencer is that kind of job that not only pays you in short term but also chalks out a side hustle for you in long term.

And if you take our word, school/college is the best time to showcase your talent to the world. Of course, you would not start monetising the talent right away but if you stay consistent and creative, you can be the next big thing. Probably the best way to make money as a kid in 2023, isn’t it?

Get an internship

Remember the times when all you had to do while interning was fetch coffee? Yeah, that time is gone. You can easily find internships online in any sector of your interest and bring those bucks home. 💰

Polishing your skills at a prior level will also enhance your CV and ensure higher chances of getting your dream job in the future.

Crack a scholarship

If you are smart but a lazy bum, you can also opt to take a scholarship. There are many fellowship programmes that you can apply to. Search for the program that best suits your interest started preparing for it and then apply.

We have now broken the barrier of scholarships being available just for the textbook geeks. If you are a sports enthusiast or an art professional, you can find a bunch of stuff relevant to you as well.

Sell your DIY crafts

If you are reading this, you know we have got a tip to make money as a kid for everyone. And this one is for our artsy friends to let their creativity out of the bag. You can also get rich by working on your hobby. 

Whether you love baking fresh cupcakes, moulding beautiful pots and centrepieces or making heavenly smelling candles, you can start selling them both online as well as offline.

How? Pretty easy actually. If you’re selling them online, you can either create a page or a website and earn direct money. However, if you are planning to sell them offline, you can partner with the nearest store or open your own street booth on a weekend.

Start a YouTube channel

Someone said, if you are good at something, don’t do it for free. And we completely agree. Hiding that talent for a long time? How about you stream it and showcase it to the world? If you’re an extrovert and looking for the best teen earning mediums, YouTube is your platform.

Majority of the famous personalities today including Bhuvan Bam started streaming on YouTube and see where they are today, sitting in the money boat. So take that as a cue and start making those videos. Remember, consistency is the key.

Become a freelance writer

The demand for writers is hot in the market right now which makes this one of the best earning ways for kids. Some of the research has also shown copywriting to be one of the booming jobs in the future. So, if your hands have ever itched to write, now is the time to hold that pen.

As we mentioned above, you can refer to any online job portals to get a freelance writing gig. You can also start writing on your own, maybe create a newsletter or blog and monetise from it.


Listen up friends, if you have been looking after your relative’s kids for free, it’s time you start charging for it. No, we are not even kidding! Babysitting is one of the most common earning ways for kids in foreign countries.

It’s not only the most hassle-free activity but it’s also very fun to spend some quality time with the babies.

Sell your old stuff

Have a first-edition book that you don’t read anymore or a unique collection of rare collectables? But wait up, that’s not it. You can also sell off your old electronic items or dope clothing collection.

The easiest way to sell off your stuff would be online, directly to the customer. You can visit websites like OLX, list your item at a genuine price and voila! There comes your first money bag. 💰

Master the skill of trading

Finance geeks gather around, you can also learn to trade and make some easy bucks. If you want to make a large sum with a small amount of money, you can experiment with crypto. However, don’t forget to do your part and research a lot before investing.

Remember that trading can not only help you make a lot of money but it can also make you lose it all!

Start an online business

There are a ton of things that you can do to cut some side bucks but nothing beats building something of your own, does it? Especially in 2023 when starting a business is a piece of cake.

As a teenager, you can open an online shop and start small. One common mistake that a lot of people make is just to go with the first idea that they have without doing a proper market analysis. Don’t be one of those, make sure to take some time, sleep over the idea, do proper research, see your competitor and then go about it.

Write other’s assignment

And this one goes to all of you who have a knack for writing like a pro in a short span of time. If you had an elder sibling, you must have already done a lot of free labour by writing their assignments, we can relate.

But you do not have to do it anymore. You can utilise your talent and provide writing services. You can either start an Instagram page and market locally or you can take the gigs from your friends and acquaintances. So kids, isn’t this just the best teen earning medium?

Create your website

Coders and dreamers your time has come. You can also create or get someone to create a website for you. Not only you can post your own content and monetise it but you can also start ads for additional money.

There is some initial investment that you would have to make money via this mode. But make sure to remain consistent, and keep your SEO game bang on and you will be rewarded in the future.

Do basic home chores

If your father is getting his car washed at the cost of 1000 INR per month, it’s time to grab the bucket, wash cloth and take the charge.

There is a lot of stuff that our parents pay for that you can easily take up. If your mother is getting a pedicure at a salon, offer a free service to her, give your best and charge from the next time. Now of course this may be subjective, you can take a look around and decide what job you wanna pick.

Get a part-time job at the nearest shop

Lastly, you can also get a part time job at the nearest store. In this era, we are surrounded by shops that interest us. Whether you are a book lover or a gaming enthusiast, you can easily make money as well as pursue your hobby.

Wrapping it up 

Making money as a kid in 2023 is very easy. There are a lot more things that one can do to earn some side cash.

But making money is not all, saving money is also making money. If you are a kid who is looking for a one of a kind neo bank, we have got news for you! Akudo is India’s first learning based neo bank that allows kids to take a step towards financial freedom.

We can keep talking but you have to check it out for yourself.

This was all we had in store for today.

See you in the next blog friends.



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