11 best trekking places near Hyderabad

11 best trekking places near Hyderabad

trekking near Hyderabad is one of the many reasons that make this place known as the pearl city of India. a huge number of tourists unite from all across the world to the city of magic. whether we talk about the mouth drooling biriyani or strolling through the old lanes of Charminar, Hyderabad always surprises its visitors with something special.

although we’ll most definitely fall short of things to put on the ‘good’ column while speaking of this city. however, trekking still beats everything. The fabulous sight of the lush greenery will woo you. someone said it’s not as much about the destination as much it’s about the journey and man, those Maggi and chai stalls make us believe it. but the ultimate sight is quite rewarding too, leaving the chaos behind and getting lost in the peace is what we want rn.

Hyderabad is filled with hidden gems when it comes to trekking and hiking but don’t worry. we’re here to help you find the best ones. so without any further ado, let’s get, set and trek.

here are the top 11 places to trek near Hyderabad that y’all will love.

  • Ahobilam
  • Kanakai waterfall
  • Bhongir fort
  • Gayatri falls
  • Narsapur forest
  • Mallella Thirtham
  • Keesaragutta
  • Khilla Ghanpur
  • Koilsagar dam and Kailkonda fort
  • Chincholi forest
  • Ali Sagar reservoir

1. Ahobilam

if you wanna enjoy the vibe of a laid back town, free from all the chaos of a city, you have got to visit this spot for trekking near Hyderabad. the place also has an interesting history as Narasimha who was known to be a half-lion, half-human God destroyed the evil king Hiranyakashipu. That’s why this place also goes by the name of Nava Narasimha Kshetra because lord Narasimha is hailed in 9 iconic forms.

don’t worry, there’s nothing spiritual about the trek. in fact, this spot is declared to be a paradise for adventure lovers cause it’s surrounded by hills and forests. if you’re in luck, you might also witness some animal passing by, sounds interesting, doesn’t it? although you can trek pretty much anytime if you wanna enjoy it the most, you can visit at any time from August to December.

Best time to visit Ahobilam- August to December

Length of the trek- 7km (usually takes 7 to 10 hours)

How to reach- you can take public transport to reach Ahobilam hill and start your trekking from there.

2. Kanakai waterfall

Kanakai waterfall is not just a superb trekking place but you can actually take a sneak peek of the quaint habitat and put up stories displaying the magic of Hyderabad. the waterfall is situated just 2 km away from Girnur village. the trekking is quite easy, you can start from the village and finally witness the beautiful sight of water falling from a great height.

if you are a photography fanatic, don’t forget to take your camera along cause you’ll have many chances to use your skill. yes, the view here is that great. This is simply the most scenic trek near Hyderabad. lookin’ to hit the road at the best time? make sure to book your tickets from august to October.

best time to visit kankai waterfalls- August to October
length of the trek- 2 km from girnur village

how to reach- take a train from Hyderabad to Girnur village and start your trek from there.

3. Bhongir fort

remember all the cool historic spot stories travel influencers keep putting? that place is nowhere else but in Hyderabad. sitting just 1.3 km away from the Bhuvangiri railway station so you can simply catch a train if you wanna trek amidst history itself. make sure to wear comfy shoes cause the fort is perched almost 500 feet up from the rocky trails on which you’re gonna trek.

the entire place is spread nicely over 40 acres which makes it an ideal spot for trekking near Hyderabad. if you’re the one who boasts about their supernatural power to incline to walk on the treadmill, here’s your chance to show it. Bhongir town is almost 100 km away from Hyderabad so if you’re looking to hit the road, this would make a perfect place. History buffs can also hit the fort and learn more about it.

best time to visit- June to August
length of the trip- approximately 35 km
how to reach- you can either take public transport or a private car to Bhongir town and start your trek from the fort.

4. Gayatri falls

now this place is gonna be a bit special, something that you don’t usually see people talking about. Gayatri falls is the place that leaves you stunned with its beauty. the locals also call this place Gadida Gundam. the place is situated approximately 270 km away from the city so when you are ready to get those wheels on the road, this is the perfect place for you.

Also, fellas. make sure to wear comfy shoes cause the area around the waterfall is seen to be super slippery. so it’s okay to be all excited about this adventure but yeah, don’t take selfies while you’re trekking or going anywhere near the fall. Don’t forget to pack some food cause you might not be able to find any shops once you start the trek. but hey, who wouldn’t want to dine in front of this scenic beauty, right? so pack your bags cause you just found the best point for trekking near Hyderabad.

best time to visit- pleasant weather can be witnessed from January to March

Length of the trek- approximately 5-8 km

how to reach- you can reach Tarnam Khurd village and start your trekking from that point

5. Narsapur forest

if you’re more of a forest lover kinda trekker, don’t worry we have got y’all covered too. Narsapur forest sits peacefully right beside Bala Nagar junction and is wrapped between the lush green forest and beautiful creatures that reside in. and on a scale of one to ten, how happy would it make you if we tell that there’s a small lake amidst the forest. At that ghat area, you can find fellow trekkers sitting, chilling and chatting. you can consider this your snacking time before you complete your trek.

it takes almost 5 hours to complete the trip but the end result would leave you glowing. oh and fellas, while you are in the forest, don’t forget to put on some music and groove a little on it, for gram’s sake. :p There are many reasons why trekkers prefer this place over any other but one of the most important ones is the utter peace and the warmth of mother nature which makes this the best area for trekking near Hyderabad.

best time to visit- nature unwraps it’s beauty at its best between October to February

length of the trek- the entire path is approximately 11 km, might take 4-5 hours

how to reach- take a bus from Balangar bus stop to reach Shahpur Nagar then take a bus to reach Narsapur village. if you have a private transport then nothing better.

6. Mallella Thirtham

shhh, this one is a real treat for adventure lovers cause you’ll get the joy of both a forest as well as a waterfall on this trek. the spot is hidden in the heart of the Nallama forest, you’d witness the serene Krishna river flowing through the forest where many tourists also camp and have the time of their lives.

also, you might have to trek a little extra cause first you’d have to reach the waterfall and walk through the dense forest. but all’s well if end’s well, right? the utter sight through the treks would give you butterflies in your stomach.

best time to visit- between the months of October to February

length of the trek- approximately 8 km, might take anywhere between 7 to 8 hours.

How to reach- Mallella Thirtham is almost 170 km away from Hyderabad, you can take a car trip or catch a bus.

7. Keesaragutta

when you’re visiting Keesaragutta, you’re actually ticking a lot of famous places off of your ‘to visit’ list. the place is surrounded by famous landmarks such as Chowmahalla palace, Nehru zoological park and also the famous Keesaragutta temple. Make sure to carry your camera along cause you’ll witness a lot of beauty in this area. the trekking game is also cranked up a notch with the amazing view of the hill and the serene wind blowing by soothes you.

Taj Falaknuma palace sits alongside Keesaragutta so don’t forget to explore the history by visiting the place. the entire area is very quaint and you can enjoy the local delicacy of the place.
best time to visit- the best time to visit is during the weekends or during the festivals like Ramnavami, mahashivratri, hanuman jayanti.

Length of the trek- 7 to 8 km

How to reach- the place is just 35 km away from Hydrabad so you can either catch a bus or take a private transfer

8. Khilla Ghanpur

if you’re someone who is fascinated by the idea of trekking but your walking skills completely betrays you, don’t worry we’ve got a place for you too. for all our folks who want to take an easy trail, you can simply visit Ghanpur village to start your trek and visit Ghanpur fort. The entire trek is just two to three km and is honestly the easiest trek ever. You can also witness the history of Ghanpur fort once you visit the top of the hill. If you love exploring the temples, there are many so you can go all gaga with the blogging you’ve been wanting to do.

you can also explore many shady caves inside the fort. make sure to get clicked in the caves cause places like these surely makes juicy social media content. the place is approximately 118 km away and makes one of the best spots for trekking near Hyderabad.

best time to visit- summer is usually the bets time to visit the place as you can get a chance to swim in the freshwater lakes

length of the trek- the length of the trip is moderate, might take 4 to 8 hours to complete

How to reach- take a bus from Hyderabad to Khila Ghanpur and start your trek from there.

9. koilsagar dam and kailkonda fort

now that we’ve already been given an easy trekking place, it’s hard we surprise the avid trekkers too. Kailkonda fort and Koil Sagar dam are considered to be the most adventurous places in Hyderabad. reaching the top of the hill is not at a piece of cake, you would have to start your trekking and walk through the west and cross a number of streams on the east. oh and did we forget to mention that you’d also need to walk a lot of steps that lead to the fort? however, the end result is gonna be nothing less than a surprise.

if you’re tired, you can just walk down and go back. but if you’re up for some more trekking and pleasant sight, the Koil Sagar dam is almost 10 km away from the fort. You can follow the trails that run along river Peddavagu, so you’d be walking along the river flowing and the serene sound of it running through the rocks. this is one of the toughest places for trekking near Hyderabad.

best time to visit- probably during the winter when you won’t have to walk in the scorching sun

length of the trek- approximately 20 km. the distance between the fort to damn is almost 12 km.

how to visit- take a bus from hyderabad to reach the fort and start trekking from there.

10. Chincholi forest

If you’ve reached here you already know that almost all the trekking places lead you to a temple, fort or any other serene place. The locals of Hyderabad often visit Chincholi forest to trek or hike due to the peace and serenity that it has. The forest is bordered by dense forest and you can also do some birdwatching if you’re visiting at the right time.

The gigantic rocks and boulders would give you a feeling of trekking in one of the most challenging places but honestly? It’s easier that way. you can also sit and rest for some time while soaking in the amazing view of the forest. you can also find some rare animals but overall, the trek is quite safe to do. that’s not it, at the top of the hill you can visit the Chincholi fort or if you’re in the mood for some camping then you can just stop by Chandrampalli dam.

best time to visit- July to October makes an ideal time to visit the forest

length of the trip- after trekking for almost 5 kms you would reach the forest

How to reach- the place is barely 90 km away from Hyderabad so you can either take a public transport or just take a road trip

11. Ali Sagar reservoir

In the region of Nizamabad, you would be able to find one more trekking gem. The dam was constructed in 1931 and gives you a sneak peek into the history while you are hiking your way to the Alisagar deer park. You can sit in the park for a while and capture the different species of deer in the park. if you are a flora lover, you can also visit the flower park at the end of the trek and see different varieties of flowers.

Special occasions call for picnics and frankly, we trekkers can have a fine day anywhere, especially amidst nature. you can pack some snacks and enjoy your time with your pals. the place is almost 190 km away from the city and is a paradise for trekking near Hyderabad. so what are you guys waiting for? This is the place that you should be hitting.

best time to visit- you can visit the place during spring when the garden is blooming and the fresh lake would bless your eyes with a pleasant sight.

length of the trip- 10 km

how to reach- take a bus from Hyderabad to Nizamabad and start your trek from the city


trekking is more than JUST fun, there is literally n number of reasons why people love trekking. the most important one being it makes you a social media icon and always keeps your skin glowing. :p While backpacking for trekking, make sure to keep super cosy shoes and similar clothes and of course, keep hydrating.

Hyderabad is one of those surreal places that attract tourists from all around the world. and the famous food, historical sights proves why. but it is also known for one more thing and that is of course its trekking spots.

now that you’ve discovered all the spots for trekking near Hyderabad, what are you waiting for? Pack your kit and lezzzz go!

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