7 best book stores in Delhi for all the book lovers

7 best book stores in Delhi for all the book lovers

the world might have moved on to online reading and kindles but the real book worms still dig deep into the magic of books. so for all you bookworms looking for the best bookstores in Delhi, we have a treat for you. we mean, kindle and iPad can only dream to make our crush reply to the stories, but a fresh book with a hot cup of coffee never fails to do that. (and who are we kidding, we all have done that, haven’t we?)

ask any book lover why they prefer a book over online reading and oh boy! they have a long list of pros for reading a book- smelling the book and flipping the pages through the fingers remain two of the most popular ones. and not to forget how much we teens hype a good bookshelf, not complaining about it though, not at all. books are always worth all the hype they get from us. :p

so if you’re a teen with the heart of an old school folk, we know all you crave in winters is to comfort yourself with a thick book and of course a hot chocolate cup. so let’s just dwell right in and find out the best bookstores in Delhi.

List of best bookstores in Delhi

  • Oxford bookstore
  • Chapter 101 bookstore
  • Full circle bookstore
  • People tree bookstore
  • Daryaganj sunday market
  • Crossword bookstore
  • Bhatia bookstore
  • Mayday bookstore and cafe
  • Midland book shop

1. Oxford bookstore

Oxford bookstore - best bookstores in delhi

Connaught Place is one of the most common hanging out places in Delhi so definitely we’re gonna make this our first choice. this is one of the largest book shops in Delhi and attracts book lovers from all around the place. whether you’re a tourist visiting the city on a short trip or you’re a local, resisting a bookstore like Oxford is simply impossible.

the shop has a cha bar inside which makes a perfect spot for a cutesy date for all our teen lovers out there. the wide collection would have you and your partner vibrating and searching for the perfect book for hours. so the next time you are in the capital, just hit the place, grab a hot cup of tea and dive into the world of words.

P.s- the shop closes at 8 PM so make sure to make your visit at least by 5-6 so that you can explore the collection a bit. we know that readers hate it when they’re asked to hurry.

address – N 81, Block N, Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi 11000

contact number – 011 4919 2092

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2. Chapter 101 bookstore

Chapter 101 - best bookstore in Delhi

If you are an avid reader who likes all classics, we cannot name one place better than this. the interior is nicely decorated with epic 90’s scenes and wooden shelves, giving a perfect vibe if you’re in the mood for some reading. this Delhi book store has a wide collection that ranges from old books to contemporary ones. which makes it an ideal place for readers of all sorts of choice.

since winter seasons are hitting and Delhiites are those people who make every season lit, we recommend you to hit the bookstores for reading instead of sitting in your home & reading. not only will you get a perfect silence, but you can also grab a hot cup of coffee to enjoy with your book.

P.s– the store is closed on Tuesday, they know you need to hit the mall or something too, once in a while :p

address – 101D, 1st Floor, Golf Course Rd, DLF Phase 5, Sector 53, Gurugram, Haryana 122009

contact – 0124 257 5684

3. Full circle bookstore

Full circle bookstore - best bookstore in Delhi

everything about this place has us fall in love with it, whether we talk about the adorable buddha wall hangings or the cosy wooden setting. this is undoubtedly one of the best bookstores in Delhi, and not to forget that it’s super Instagram-able. the full circle sits above cafe turtle so next time when you’re in the mood to visit a cafe cum bookstore, this is the place you must hit.

the collection of the books are again extensive, you’ll get a bite of all the genres from old to contemporary books. the place quite really does justice to its name. you can also find several other outlets of this bookstore in GK and Nizamuddin.

P.s- the bookstore closes at 8 PM so make sure to hit it well in advance so you have some time to read and chit chat with your friends in cafe turtle.

address – Shop No 24, 1st Floor, Middle Lane, Khan Market, New Delhi, Delhi 110003

contact – 011 2465 5642

4. People tree bookstore

People tree bookstore - best bookstore in Delhi

Connaught Place has some of the best-hidden treasures but we’re sure this one will impress you the most. if you’re a reader as well as an artist, this place would feel nothing less than heaven to you. people tree is not just a bookstore, the extremely young and creative team of designers, artists and photographers have made thai place turn into a brand. you can find personalized tee-shirts, art and craft and of course not to forget the classic collection of the books.

the collection is again impressive, however, especially impressive if you are a fan of hindi literature, music, travel or cinema. The diversity in taste makes this one of the best bookstores in Delhi. If you are a fan of rare clothing, we’re sure you would not get over this place anytime soon. the beautiful display of the local designers is something worth grabbing.

P.s- the shop closes at 7.30 PM so plan yo’ visit accordingly.

address – 8, Regal Building, Parliament Street, Cannought Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110001

contact – 011 2374 4877

5. Daryaganj sunday market

Daryaganj sunday market - best bookstore in Delhi

now we are just goin’ to call out all the avid readers out aloud cause this is the real game. if you are a teen, this is a God sent place for you. you can get an amazing collection of books at a very very cheap price. there are a lot of vendors with bookstalls, you can stroll through the street and explore the authors a bit.

you can also get stationery and paper items at a super affordable rate, so you know where you have to go before your next session starts. the books are sold at the price of kg, as in you can get a kilo of books at like 300 rs, no we’re absolutely not kidding. the market opens from 9 am.

P.s- one of the cheapest book shops in Delhi, Daryaganj is open on Sundays so when you don’t have to wake up for school early, just go hit the famous market and bring some books home.

address – Asaf Ali Rd, Chatta Lal Miya, Chandni Mahal, Daryaganj, New Delhi, Delhi 110002

6. Crossword bookstore

Crossword bookstore - best bookstore in Delhi

sometimes it’s good to go out and discuss the things you love. be it books. crossword is the place if you wanna burst open about a recent juicy novel that you read. want to discuss, argue and learn more about it with the fans or the critiques? we guess you already know where you have to go 😉

a dream place for all the bibliophile’s, this book store has a dreamy range of collections. from art to biography, fiction to comics, you will find it all in the crossword. go with a friend, or make a friend at this place.

P.s- the shop opens around 10:30 and closes at 7:30 PM, so yep make sure to take a check at the time before you go.

address – Level 1, Select Citywalk, Press Enclave Marg, Saket, New Delhi, Delhi 110017

contact – 011 4609 8512

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7. Bhatia bookstore

Bhatia bookstore - best bookstore in Delhi

If you are a student in the north campus, Delhi university, you can gather around the famous Bhatia bookstore and grab a book or two for yourself. whether you are looking for guide materials or you want some amazing fiction, the place has everything that a book lover would ever need.

It’s situated in the heart of Kamla Nagar which is why it has become a hub for the young crowd to hang out and chit chat about the latest book they read. oh also, you might get some awesome recommendations from the people visiting the book shop, so do not hesitate to talk around and make some friends.

P.s- the book store opens at 10 AM and closes at 9 PM.

address – 1-F Kamla Nagar near spark mall, Delhi 110007

contact – 011 2384 5686

8. Mayday bookstore and cafe

Mayday bookstore and cafe - best bookstore in Delhi

a perfect blend of a bookstore, a place to hang out with your buddies and a welcoming stage for artists, intellects and pretty much for every outgoing person. you don’t just have the liberty to read but you can also take the different tastes of all things art. on some days, you can just tuck yourself in the corner of the book store and read your favourite book. While on the other days, you can enjoy the live performances of artists and poets. one of the best bookstores in Delhi will make it worthwhile so don’t forget to pay a visit and pamper yourself with the love you deserve.

P.s- the store opens at 10.30 AM every day so you can pay an early visit if you’re in the mood to kickstart your day.

address – 2254/2A, Ground Floor, West Patel Nagar, Shadipur, New Delhi, Delhi 110008

contact – 011 4107 3807

9. Midland book shop

midland book shop - best bookstore in Delhi

if you are looking for books that everyone is talking about, you have got to visit this bookstore situated right in the heart of the Aurobindo market. the store is well stocked with all the juicy novels that teens wanna read, you can also search for books of different genres depending on your choice.

if you make a special request about a book that you want, the owner would try to get it especially for you. that’s one of the many reasons which makes this one of the best bookstores in Delhi. also, don’t forget to check out the comical section of this place, it’s quite literally lit.

P.s- the store opens around 10.30 and closes at 8.30 which means you can have some extra time to read late if you wish.

address – Shop No.20, Aurobindo Palace Market, Beside Summer House Cafe, Hauz Khas, New Delhi, Delhi

contact – 09818282497

well, no matter how much nerdy reading may be considered, our love for it will be eternal. so if you are a book lover based out of Delhi, do not wait up. you can either take all your books from one place or explore the places one by one. oh and we don’t want you to keep you away from the extra joy of cashback. if you are making the transactions to these bookstores via your akudo card, you will get extra cashback on every transaction.

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