top 10 best self-investment ideas for genzs and millennials

top 10 best self-investment ideas for genzs and millennials

ahhh, there are just so many tips for best self investments. and no, they are not JUST about hitting the mall to buy dreamy clothes or getting a new video game for yourself today self-investment has evolved to a whole lot of new creatures and we all wanna explore it, don’t we? so frenz, the money that you have been wasting to impress your crush is now gonna be used on YOU! cause you deserve all the pamper in the world

saving and all is fine but tell us, is that money gonna be of any use if you haven’t gained any skill or utilised it in a better manner? the only answer is NO! so first, it’s super important that we understand the meaning of the word ‘self-investment’. anything that is helping you beautify yourself, grow or make you happy can have the title of best self investment. cause at the end, it’s you who you’re spending the bucks on

so without wasting any more time, let’s take a sneak peek at the best self investment ideas-

1. pay your debts (debt free life & peaceful mind is best self-investment)

if you are trynna explore how to invest in yourself, we say the first thing is you pay off all the people you owe. If any. you can only look for more ways to pamper yourself once you’re free from all the debts.

have any friends you owe? or the rent, you can start with slipping the money in their pockets so that you get to do the things you love with the rest of the bucks. start off by making a list of the dues you gotta clear and focus on ticking people off of the list before you start pampering yourself.

2. learn a new skill (invest in yourself to enhance your career)

the best investment in yourself is to learn a new skill or well, maybe just strengthen the skill you already have. Crazy about art classes, or wanna learn a bit more about crypto? why not take classes on it to become a pro.

It’s really important for y’all to understand that when you are spending your bucks to learn something, you are actually spending those bucks to make more bucks. let’s say you are a social media enthusiast or a content creator. you took a course on how to handle your page and boom you would have a ton of followers before you even know. so my friends, join a workshop that you’re really passionate about. Right away.

3. begin with your side hustle

remember the travel blogging you always wanted to do? or the bakery shop you wanted to open online? now is the time to get started with it. there is literally no better way to invest in yourself than investing in your business. earning some extra dime while you are studying or working full time is always gonna be a boon. mo’ money, no’ problems!

a side hustle is mostly something that you do for your passion. and there’s nothing better if your passion turns into your profession, no? how cool would it be to make your art, sell it online while living your dreams. looking for the best self investments? well, here you go

4. pamper yo’ self folks

we all are different from each other and of course, so are our definition for best self investments. while some of you might be really passionate about side hustle or learning a new skill, some of us just wanna look our best and there’s nothing wrong with it. In fact, we all should save a small part to invest in our physical as well as mental health.

you can either take a gym membership, hit the spa to relax your body on a weekend. and wait, how can we forget about salons? you can also just visit a parlour to get a nice haircut, pamper your skin and bring out the most beautiful version of yourself

5. how bout starting a retirement fund?

someone said the best way to predict your future is to write it yourself and well, we just can’t get it off of our mind. one of the best self investment ideas is to invest in your future. and by that, we simply mean you can check out different projects to invest and start putting your money in it.

you can either take a small amount of money when you receive your salary or create a fixed deposit. if you’re looking for something which ensures risk but rewards, you can also consider using that money in a mutual fund. all you gotta do is search for a stable project and start investing.

6. Invest in your relationships

when we said you don’t have to invest in your crush, we weren’t really serious about it. Geez, hell no, we don’t wanna keep you away from making your guy/girl happy but hey, wait a second relationships go beyond just crush and lovers, right? if you ask me, how to invest in yourself, the answer is when you bring a wide smile to the face of your loved ones.

surprise your parents with a new pair of earbuds or well, cookies might do too. Send gifts to your friends and a blast of hearts to your partners. ♥️ we’re pretty sure you are well capable of deciding the gift yourself

7. Read, watch and listen (make this self-investment fun)

are you someone who’s gaga over books? go buy your favourite books, read a lot and feed your brain. you can also consider taking membership to the library and keep visiting to check out the new collection. and oh, we all love movies, don’t we? Doesn’t really matter if you are a movie fanatic or not, there’s always a movie that we all love. book your tickets for the most recent movies and buy some popcorn to enjoy with it

and lastly, the food to our soul is music. Spending the bucks on a good music system is a dream. so take any music channel membership and check out all the songs. Get a device if you are into playing. yeah so, you were asking around for the best self investments? Can it be anything better than the movies, books and music? We say no.

8. Get a pet

if this didn’t get a wide smile on your face, we wonder what will. there’s no better way to use your money than to become a hooman. those lil paws, wagging tails and the cutesy eyes have us all heart warmed oh wait, in case you’re wondering, yeah we are an avid dog lover

but hey, you can get any pet of your choice and start spending some time with them. this becomes a necessity if you are a bachelor staying alone. what’s better than cuddling with a furry friend and getting loved as soon as you come back home. wondering how to invest in yourself? well, get a furry friend.

9. travel wherever you want

there’s honestly no better answer to how to invest in yourself than this. Imagine travelling the world, creating content and the best part of it all, you are getting paid to do so. you can either start your own blogging channel where you are putting deets of the underrated places or you can collaborate with a company.

several companies are on a constant lookout for artsy travellers so if you have good writing/photography skills, you might wanna consider freelancing. there are many homestays that are also looking for volunteers so if you’re up for community management, give it a shot.

10. some more self-investment ideas

We’re sure you can think of a thousand things when we say how to invest in yourself. Cause who wouldn’t like splashing themselves with love? Or well, pastries. Same thing. Here are some more things that you can do-

  • grow your savings by trading
  • join tuition or get a mentor
  • replace the old items with new ones
  • get your dream gadget
  • donate the money to the needy
  • hang out with your friends
  • give a makeover to your wardrobe

honestly, there are many many answers for self-investment but the special hack over here is, you don’t have to splurge on things you are never gonna use. these were some of the best self investment ideas that we had.

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