11 most famous monuments in Himachal Pradesh

11 most famous monuments in Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is one of those places which has its arms wide open all year round. If you are making plans to plan a trip, here are the top 11 most famous monuments of Himachal Pradesh that will have you droolin’. what comes to your mind when we talk about Himachal Pradesh? trails, snowfalls and of course a lot of Maggi and chai, right? well, hope you’re ready for a little surprise cause we have one for you.

amongst these many many famous things that the state has for us, its impeccable monuments top them all. Shimla, Manali, Kasol and oh, there are so so many beautiful places that are waiting for you to explore. so the next time you’re visiting the surreal Himachal Pradesh, we recommend you save your favourite places from this blog.

so fellas, are you ready to skip to the good part? let’s take a look at the historical monuments in Himachal Pradesh right away.

11 famous monuments in Himachal Pradesh

  • Rashtrapati Niwas
  • Kangra Fort
  • The Rock Cut Temple
  • Key Monastery
  • Prashar Rishi Temple
  • Hadimba Devi Temple
  • Tabo Monastery
  • Baijnath Temple
  • Chokling Monastery
  • Naggar Castle
  • Palace Hotel

1. Rashtrapati Niwas

why learn history in your usual boring classroom when you can do it from the hills? this grand palace is a must-visit if you are visiting Shimla. also goes by the name Viceregal Lodge, Rashtrapati Niwas is considered to be one of the most historical monuments in Himachal Pradesh. you can not only take a sneak peek at the history of the beautiful state but you’d also get to learn a lot about the country. imagine putting up cool stories of the place where many wishes to be there. impressive, isn’t it? history buffs can also hog on the documents and photographs that date back to British rule.

2. Kangra Fort

remember how much Mahabharat did we watch during the lockdown? now, remember the gigantic lush green fort where it was shot? well, yes my friends you’re guessing it right. the fort dates back to the Trigarta kingdom and is regarded to be one of the oldest forts in the country. it really doesn’t matter whether you are a history lover or not cause the story of the fort will intrigue everyone. many great rulers tried to conquer this fort but they weren’t able to. the glory of the fort remains dignified and that’s why it’s known to be one of the most famous monuments of Himachal Pradesh. so even if you’ve kept Dharamshala on your dream travel bucket list, we’re giving you one more reason to visit the beautiful place.


3. The Rock Cut Temple

would you believe us if we told you metaverse exist in this universe? sounds stupid right? well, you would agree with us once you have visited The Rock cut temple. a place so beautiful that it would make you feel like stepping into a surreal world. this 8th-century temple also goes by the name of Masrur temple, the architecture is majorly devoted to Hindu gods like Shiva, Vishnu, Devi etc.

although the interior is kind of ruined because of the many earthquakes that have occurred here. however, the foundation still stands strong. the rustic craftsmanship and the ethereal beauty of the lake bring it to the list of historical monuments in Himachal Pradesh. oh and, did we forget to mention that you can also capture some of the most serene shots for your gram’ around the Beas river.

4. Key Monastery

ask a traveller what’s their dream place to visit in Himachal Pradesh and their answer will always be Spiti Valley. And no, we don’t question why. the clear skies, starburst and clear streams speak for themselves. adventure lovers can pack their comfy shoes cause there’s a reason to trek. Key Monastery goes back to over a thousand years and also has a history of attacks which gives a lot of stories to hear from the locals.

this is the largest Monastery in Spiti and therefore makes one of the most famous monuments of Himachal Pradesh. hundreds of monks receive their religious learnings from this place and interestingly, you can also meet some of them and gain some wisdom. make plans to hit the road of Spiti with your pals? well, make sure to add this place to your list.

5. Prashar Rishi Temple

not to sound poetic but isn’t the ultimate goal to stop running for a while? maybe have a hot cup of tea and get away from the hustle-bustle of the city. if these are your fantasies as well, make sure to pack your bags and leave for Prashar Rishi Temple. this place sits just beside the Prashar lake, rumors are the temple was formed after the epic Mahabharat. Rishi Prashar used to meditate along the banks of this river which explains the name.

there are places that just look serene and there are places that put you in a different vibe while visiting. Prashar Temple is one of those places. you can also chill on the island that floats in the heart of the river. Mandi is seen to be yet again a very beautiful place so if you’re thinking to visit here, don’t forget to experience the beauty of this temple.

6. Hadimba Devi Temple

although we can say we love every place in Himachal Pradesh yet we can’t stop taking Manali’s name every time someone asks what’s the place we wanna hit next, right? hidden in the hills of a beautiful city lies Hadimba Devi temple that also goes by the name of Dhungari Temple. if you’ve watched Mahabharata, you already know Hadimba Devi and this cave is dedicated to her. there’s a gigantic rock protruding outta the ground which is worshipped by people as a deity of Hadimba Devi.

you can also train in the forests of Cedar which surrounds the temple. if you are a keen learner, you can also find a small part of Mahabharata written outside the temple. the story majorly tells how Pandyas did while on their exile in the forest. the history, beauty and sacred nature of this temple make it one of the famous monuments in Himachal Pradesh.

7. Tabo Monastery

founded by a Tibetian monk named Rinchen Zangpo, this monastery is situated in the Tabo village of Spiti Valley. history buffs can stroll through the place to find preachings, statues and manuscripts that talks about the Buddhist teachings. this is seen to be the oldest monastery and that’s why it’s known to be one of the most famous monuments of Himachal Pradesh.

one of the most surprising factors in the Monasteries of Himachal Pradesh is that most of them are situated above the valley. however, Tabo is situated below the valley which makes it a dream place for adventure lovers and must go-to tourist place in Himachal Pradesh

8. Baijnath Temple

we’re sure once in a while we all have heard about Baijnath Temple from our old folks, haven’t we? if you are an avid Himachal fan, you must go to the most renowned temple of all time. how? you just gotta catch a bus to Bir and while you’re doing that, you can also stop and enjoy the scenic view of the place. after all, there’s not a word like ‘too much stargazing’, right?

the temple was built in 1204 AD and gives a unique sneak peek of the beautiful architecture we had back then. don’t forget to visit the Lord Shiva temple while you are at this place. it’s all about peace, after all, no? the temple is quite a unique one and attracts visitors not only from India but all over the world which is why it is seen to be one of the most famous monuments of Himachal Pradesh.

9. Chokling Monastery

if you guys are hitting the roads for Bir, Chokling becomes a must-visit place. especially if you are a sucker for beautiful sights. trust us when we say this, the place sure knows how to surprise its visitors in the best way possible. would it be too bollywoody if we say that magic lingers in the air :p

you’d feel peace even by doing something as little as looking at the statues of the monastery. the place was established in the 1960s which followed the exile of Tibet. you can also wake up early in the morning to capture the rising sun or go for a long walk by the lakes and beauty of snow.

10. Naggar Castle

now we’re gonna reveal a place that’s an absolute beauty. this wooden castle is nothing less than the one you saw in your dreams. the castle dates back to 1460 AD and makes one of the most famous monuments. sitting in the heart of the lush green area, you would also be able to overlook Kullu once you are visiting Naggar.

you would be able to observe the history and culture of the place by strolling through the castle. and that was not it. the views from the top of the castle are plain straight rewarding. so why wait? hit the Naggar castle and click a lot of pictures with the history itself.

11. Palace Hotel

sitting in Chail, this beautiful palace is very popular for a royal stay. the palace was constructed by the King of Patiyala and actually has an interesting story. Maharaja Bhupinder Singh fell in love with the daughter of the British Commander in chief and was banished from Shimla. when he fled to Chail, he made this Palace Hotel the Summer Capital.

the hotel is open for tourists to enjoy a royal holiday, there are lush green gardens, lavish log huts, rustic yet royal furniture and whatnot. if you are in the mood to witness some pure royalty, we recommend you extend your Himachal stay a bit and book a room or two to enjoy. the entire hotel is surrounded by dense forest and surreal mountains, and majorly it’s the history that makes this place one of the most famous monuments in Himachal Pradesh.

come on, we know that you can never get too much travelling. ultimately the goal is to leave everything and take a trip. Himachal is that one escape where no matter how much you visit, it will only surprise you with something more, something new. taking a sneak peek in history is very important and hey, look we’ve sorted it all out for you!

quite honestly we think, we usually underestimate the power of solo travelling. you must travel, make some friends and enjoy your independence. you only learn when you explore, right? here’s a list of the offbeat places in Himachal Pradesh.

arrey, haven’t forwarded this blog to your friend already? why even wait, take out your akudo card now and book your tickets. we just want you to worry about travelling, we’ll take care of the rewards bit, sounds cool? why wait, let’s pack the bags and leave to visit these famous monuments of Himachal Pradesh right away.

Bon Voyage!

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