How is Akudo Helping Students for Banking Services

akudo banking helping students

How is Akudo Helping Students for Banking Services

Banking for students, just like us humans, has seen a long and dynamic journey. Just how you guys –today’s students and teens, are far far ahead of those of the previous generations (a whole new kind really!), similarly and very naturally, banking too, in comparison, is a far different picture today. First and foremost, it’s had its digital makeover. And secondly, it’s no more a mere adult’s deal – today, it’s even the young kids’ cup of tea. The credit of which highly and well-deservingly goes to Neobanks…aka akudo!

Nope, ain’t all talks, let’s see how.

Very simply, akudo is a neobank (Digital bank for students). But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. akudo is a gateway, for all the teens of today, to a secure, smart-like them future. It is unique, and what makes it one-of-a-kind is what drives it – the desire to improve financial literacy and advance financial education in today’s youngsters. By introducing banking and making it accessible to the teens, it hands over the teens the keys to a responsible, independent life.  It’s not your regular bank offering just a handful of savings account services, it’s a LOT more.

Banking for students, on your tips!

Let’s make it super super clear, at first only. All the good stuff and services that we are about to boast in just a few seconds, would all be right in your palm, on your tips. Too many times, the stuff’s good but requires a ton of effort and time. And it’s no secret that today we’re out of both. Very relatable, and hence akudo is just how you need and want it –digital-first and all shrunk into one mobile app, aka neither stepping out of the blanket in the chilly season nor sweating standing in the bank queues. The highly up-to-date digital infrastructure and setup makes akudo –highly relevant and banking –effortless.

Open Student Account in 2-minutes (0 Balance – 0 Limitation)

No bluffing, it ain’t no lie. Where the banking sector is (in)famous for its long-long lines, tedious formalities, and slow af pace of getting even the tiniest things done, akudo is a fast and furious revolution. Within only 120 seconds, you can keep reading it again, won’t change the fact ;), one can set up a brand new Zero-balance account for themselves.

PS. If “in 120 seconds” sounds gimmicky, go ahead, feel free to test it out yourself 😉

Personalised Prepaid VISA Card for Students

Arriving at the fancy part. A personalized prepaid VISA card for students and teens. Yes, your own VISA card. Legit, with YOUR NAME on it, and without having to wait till you become an…adult. Exciting, no? In just two simple steps, mentioned above, <download the app> <set up your account *in 120 seconds*>, one could obtain (and flaunt) their own personalized for students prepaid VISA akudo. So now, while the friends are left counting change, you’d be there swipin’ card!

Automatic Budget and Savings for Students

Over the years, there are two things that have been constant. A, New Year’s Resolution “This year I will start saving money” and B, breaking the resolution one week into the year. We have all been there. akudo knows and knows better. Hence, has come up with a ‘you don’t have to save your money, akudo will do it for you’ scheme. Basically, ‘auto-save’. It allows and invites you to set a specific goal amount or portion of your money that you wish to save, and that’s it, there ends your job. It then saves it in the saving stash for you, all by itself, so you can spend the remaining freely, knowing that your savings are well in place already. And not just that. (yep! not done yet). To make things a little more, there’s an added twist or should we say shake 😉 With ‘shake n’ save’, you can save money simply by shaking your phone.

Cashbacks for students, regularly!!

Everyone’s favorite thing and akudo’s love language: cashback! With akudo’s card comes along regular cashback and some of the biggest and best offers across brands. Big brands*, be it the online space or the offline arena, it’s always raining steal deals.

With the Intention of Learning, For the Love of Gaming

The entire financial fiasco and money mania often lack fun in the books. It’s always been serious, might as well call it boring, matter. This is what often keeps the teens scared and far away from it all. As a solution slash hack, akudo goes for a gamified approach. It platters a whole lot of educational resources for its teen users, covering all the money mantras, financial anecdotes, tips, and more, all tied up with rewards. Yes, not only one’s learning, they’re wholeheartedly being rewarded for it. An absolute win-win, hello?!

Active Financial Literate ‘Squad’ to Join

With new-age channels like social media and discord, akudo brings together and makes meets like-minded young folks. Engagement efforts such as giveaways, games, quizzes, events, knowledge sessions, and a lot more have knitted a strong and uber fun n’ cool community, ‘squad’ in gen-z’s vocab, which also by the way is equally rewarding like the rest of akudo. In fact, sometimes, (most times), more –we’re talkin speakers, smart watches, polaroid cameras, and whatnot.

“Yeah all these sound pretty cool, great actually!”, you agree. But now are most probably wondering Why do ‘I’ need it?”

All the good and exciting may be making you think of it as all fun and jokes, but no – the purpose is much greater.

  • First and foremost –freedom. Being financially independent is the truest form of freedom. akudo helps teens and students to take the very first step and embark upon a journey toward a financially-forward future, eliminating the need of depending on anyone.
  • Practices makes you perfect. Well-known and very true. Applying this to finance, it is only when we do it ourselves, do we actually learn it and further truly master it. With the savings account and VISA card, one gets to obtain hands-on money management. This allows true comprehension of the real, up-close functioning as well as the value of money.
  • Additionally, when handling money by self at a younger stage, a sense of responsibility is automatically realized or instilled and developed from a young as well.
  • Saving tops the list of the most important aspects to learn and befriend when it comes to finances. It is one habit that gonna be of help and much needed throughout the diverse stages of one’s life.

Getting onto learning about finances and all things money early on, braces one better for what’s ahead of them…*intense scary music* adulthood. Diving into it unequipped is a lost war, which basically means directly inviting financial-oops moments that often carve huge holes in the pocket.

More than easily being a one-stop destination for all things finance for teenagers, akudo serves the bigger purpose of being a catalyst for not only financial freedom but also a secured financial future. Too good and true! A jackpot, right?



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