How teens can earn money in 2023

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How teens can earn money in 2023

The one thing we’re definitely over and done with in 2022 is the traditional concept and very much of a misconception that only adults earn. “when you grow up and start earning…” well, why wait to grow up to earn, when you can make money as a kid? And it’s no new news, in today’s digital era, where the essential learning and skills expand far beyond the classroom and with the internet overflowing with information and platforms, all only a second’s search away, the opportunities are infinite.

While we do have to ourselves – this pool of scope and avenues, what usually comes in the way is the indecisiveness – basically not knowing which would be the best, most apt pick(s) for you or simply laziness to research for it yourself. Well, understandable and yes we got you!

To tackle either of the two or both, with this read, we’re gonna walk you through the latest and the trendiest, very 2023-like, earning ways for kids and some very amazing teen’s earning mediums. These are safe, clever and too good to miss. So, know, grab, hop on and absolutely nail these opportunities before they become last season. Let’s go!

Here’s very hot list of very trending ways of how kids can make money:

–        Get “Like-Comment-Subscribe” Started: Launch a YouTube Channel

–        Collectables: A Cool Kid’s Thing

–        Get into the game of Gaming!

–        Online Surveys? Yes, Sir!

–        Money Free-lance

Launch a YouTube Channel and start earning as teen

YouTube is a sick place and everyone’s go-to for anything – be it a cute DIY or killer maths problem. While as yet you may have enjoyed the ‘sit-and-binge-on-the-couch-with-your-favourite-snacks’ side of YouTube, hoping on to the ‘Like-Comment-Subscribe’ side of it could be more fun and well, rewarding! Be it something you do for fun, something you’re good at, something you have some views/tips on or some topic that interests you, you can get started with anything. If neither, could even sit with your fav food and do a mukbang. In all seriousness, we mean it! Monetizing your skills or pet (cat content superiority!) is THE trend today and YouTube’s an OG.

Collectables: A Cool Kid’s Thing to Make Money As Well

Firstly, let’s understand the definition. So, collectables are those ‘rare’ or ‘limited’ objects which, though have been manufactured at lower value, are sold for much higher cost. They hold this perceived value simply either because they are rare or are limited items.

Collecting is a nice form of investing and just requires an eye for stuff. The primary governing thing in collecting is finding interested buyer(s) in the future. The piece(s) should be such that they are of interest to others, even in the while to come. Hence it’s rather advised to research and think through what to collect, especially when there’s a high acquiring cost involved. Few Examples? Coins, stamps, comics, antiques, art or sneakers (cueing at the very sick Air Jordans!)

With this in mind, and upon choosing the right stuff, it’s a mostly fun, easy, smooth sail!

Get into the game of Gaming!

Like to game A L.O.T.? then we’re pretty sure you must have had this thought at least once in your mind: “kaash gaming ke paise milte” well, now you CAN earn money for gaming. Today there resides a huge chunk of audience interested in gaming and watching game live streams.

One of the biggest platforms for live streaming, Twitch tends to be the first one to come to anyone’s mind. The money-making opportunities offered by the brands is: entering & winning tournaments, through crowdfunded subscriptions, viewer donations, also make money from ads, brand sponsorships, affiliate marketing, merchandise, game sales and ‘Twitch Bits’ which is another unique form of viewer donation.

While there are a few things that you must be careful about considering these involve in-real time-live streaming, Otherwise, could it be any better?

Online Surveys? Yes, Sir!

Chances are you haven’t heard of this one before, right?

Though the term and concept of Online Survey have been around for a big, big while, the fact that one can actually earn as they simply participate in a survey or a research project. Before you ask how in the world is this true, let’s take you through it. So brands are often in a hunt for the ‘right’ audience we had pre-determined. Once and if you match, and fill the form, with your authentic and unique review/answers you’re actually helping the company or organisation hosting the survey and reaching to determine sample size.

Money Free-lance

Last but not the least, freelancing in one amazing thing. It can be defined as being away from the shackles of the corporates and working for yourself. You get to work around your time schedule, your plans, and more. One can explore a ton of websites and/or activities; and take its time to land on a decision, all while earning some. This has mult-ifold benefits as it also helps you prepare for your career by building up a portfolio, lets you work from anywhere! It’s a non-traditional form which makes it even more relevant for the millennials too. There exists the right distance among people, tons and tons of apps where you can match with the people, and work subsequently together too.

Making money, as a kid, never felt this doable right? Well, it very much yes! Pretty darn cool, no? How there are so diverse and fun ways you can get on and earn some cash without needing to be an adult. This not only will help you get started with your financial journey early but will also sound quite cool on that resume! Final verdict? We say go for it, for whichever that interests you the most – any!



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