How to be a Cool Parent?

How to be a Cool Parent?

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Your kid is not a kid anymore — at least that’s not what they want to be considered. Yes, they have entered their exciting teenage years! As exciting as it is for them, it may get challenging for you in terms of parenting. A lot of the parenting tips that you followed before your child turned 13 may not work now. Many parents find it challenging to connect with their children and try reaching out to them differently but with little success. It is then that many parents wonder ‘How to get my child to think that I am cool.’

Here are some tips on how to be an excellent parent for anyone who has a child turning 13:

Be a parent but don’t forget to be a friend first: While your child’s needs were very different in their early years, being a friend to your teenager and a parent later definitely tops the list of things to do for an excellent parent. Ensure that your child is comfortable sharing things with you as he/she would do with a friend. Many parents complain that ‘my teen does not share his life with me.’ A part of the problem could be that you are unable to connect with your child as a friend.

Join your teen in their interest: Another activity that makes it to the list of a relaxed parent is taking time out to join your teenage child in his/her interests. This could be their favourite sport or hobby. You could even consider watching their favourite TV show or movies together. Even if you are not directly doing it, striking an engaging conversation about anything that interests them can help you connect with your child instantly.

Give your child the freedom to make choices and advise them when they need: When your child turns 13, their behaviour and needs change. They want more freedom and less advice. Provide your teenage child with space they need to make their choices and learn from their mistakes and, of course, be there for them when they need you.

Finally, pat yourself on the back for raising your child wonderfully so far. Raising teens does come with its challenges, but it can be as simple as just letting them be.

Do you have a child turning 13? Try these parenting tips to be a cool parent and tell us how they worked!

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