how to talk to your parents or Adults(for teenagers)

how to talk to your parents or Adults(for teenagers)

how to talk to your parents is like that mysterious question, we all teens wanna have the answer to. we are in a world where we teens start cutting off with our parents. we start considering them uncool and make our own world in which we completely forget to include our parents. very often we read about memes on the internet where we get to know our parents after growing up. so we thought it’s high time we break the ice and normalise considering our parents, our friends.

although in some cases, the talk might be difficult, it’s really not that hard. once you start talking to your parents about things, you’d actually feel lighter. now if you’re wondering geez, can’t we just talk to our friends instead? The answer is NO. there are some things that you need to talk to your friends about, and then there are things that require the mentorship of an adult.

so if you have been scratching your head on- how to get your parents to understand you, we’ve just got the right thing for you. so without any delay, let’s get started.

tips for teenagers – how to talk to your parents or adults?

  • start with casual talks
  • find some common activities that you both enjoy
  • lookout for your comfort level too
  • look for a good time to talk
  • know that your parents are there for you
  • take the help of another adult
  • be clear, direct and thankful

1. start with casual talks

start with casual talks - how to talk to your parents

you don’t need to directly jump to the topic that you find hard to talk about. instead, you can start with an easy topic. remember how smartly you used to talk about your dad’s side when you needed money from mom? use that skill here too. initiate a casual conversation.

when you chat frequently with your old buds, it becomes easier for you to share stuff with them and tell them anything you want to. trust us, soon you would be comfortable in sharing and taking advice on important topics. After all it’s not that hard to crack “how to talk to your parents or adults”

2. find and talk about some common activities that you both enjoy


whether you’re a fan of cooking or a car fanatic. we’re pretty sure you can find something common to do with your parents. if your mother asks to go shopping with her or your dad asks to take em’ shoes out for a walk, try to get more indulged. you might get a little bit awkward in the beginning but within a week or so, you would see yourself completely nailing it.

when you start talking about random things, it opens up the safe space that we teens have created. and most likely, you’ll bond over a lot of things when you’re enjoying yourself with your parents. so, never say no.

3. look out for your comfort level for discussion too


if you’re using the phrase easier said than done, we completely understand you. that is why it is also very important to check whether you are ready to talk about that topic or not. if you think you are not ready yet, take some time. figure it out.

we’re the most outgoing people, aren’t we? travelling solo, making friends on the way. so what’s stopping you from using the same skill with your parents? take your time but eventually, talk to parents and speak your heart out. a lil advice, when you’re going to talk to them about an important matter, you can start with- I know this is huge but i really don’t want you to be mad at me.

4. look for a good time to talk to your parents


legends have made memes about picking the perfect time to talk to your parents, whether it’s getting approval for a Goa trip or about asking for a lil bit of extra pocket money. picking out a good time is the primary thing you should consider when you’re talking about some critical topic.

since we’re brown, the only amazing piece of advice would be- talk to your parents when they have accomplished something or went shopping and had an amazing discount. :p and when you feel it is the right time to get started, just ask your parents to sit with you for a while and listen to what you have to say.

5. know that your parents are there for you

know-that-your-parents-are-there-for-you-how-to-talk to your parents

very often we think that we’re all by ourselves but honestly, that’s not true. Even if you are in a bad situation, your parents would be there by your side. they might put up some questions but they would not back out from helping you.

sometimes your parents might not agree or reason with you but don’t forget that they were once teens too. they might act a little pissed off on your face but they will always think of different ways in which they can help you. just be a little confident and now you know how to talk to your parents.

6. take the help of another adult to discuss

take the help of another adult - how to talk to your parents

now the main question is ‘what to do when your parents don’t understand you’? and that is the real deal. sometimes the situations are so complex that your parents just can’t listen or solve anything. in this case, you should try talking to another adult who is close to you but closer to your parents. you can either try talking to a relative or maybe talk to someone experienced like a counsellor.

chances are when they hear the same thing from an adult, they might be able to take things differently. so folks, don’t hesitate to talk it out with an adult. any help you get is help that counts.

7. be clear, direct and thankful

be clear, direct and thankful - how to talk to your parents

once in a while you should praise your folks for all that they have done. there’s no denying and comparison to what a parent has done for their child. making them happy is really not that hard, just sit down with them and tell them how much you appreciate all the compromises they have made for you.

whether it was staying up late for your board’s exam for supporting you or preparing a huge a*ss buffet for your community lunch in school. start off with thanking them and then subtly talk about the thing you have been wanting to discuss with them. don’t stretch the topic, just be clear and direct, it’ll really help.


it’s never too late to start talking to your parents. we bet, there would be a day when you would want to leave everything just to spend some quality time with your parents. take it as advice, a gold one, might we add. you’ll thank us one day for this.

so folks, hope we gave you enough tips to get a lil bit closer to your parents. we mean, it’s not hard to talk to the ones who know your thick and thins. all you need is cups of tea and some bonding time to get started.

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