13 personal goals in life as a student to consider in 2023 [Updated]

13 personal goals in life as a student to consider in 2023 [Updated]

we all have goals in life. now of course the goals may differ from one person to the other depending on our likes, dislikes. There are many personal goals in life as a student but for starters, we’re gonna talk about the most important one.

teenage is the time when we want to be a free bird. but not to forget that it is also the prime of your life where you take all the important decisions. having some personal goals will help you explore the world and the endless possibilities that await you.

but duh akudo, isn’t personal goals different for everyone? well yes! but we’re not gonna handpick the goals you already have, we’ll help you throw some light on the goals you might’ve forgotten.

major personal goals for a student in year 2022

  • start your ‘dear diary’
  • work a bit dedicatedly towards your hobby
  • get good grades in school
  • have your dream bedroom
  • consume less social media content
  • have monetary goals
  • have a paid internship
  • apply for a scholarship
  • take a trip with friends
  • learn to cook
  • Spend some quality time with family
  • stay fit & pamper yourself
  • Give a little bit back to the universe

1. start your ‘dear diary’


no bro, we’re not asking you to have a dear diary just to write down how you feel. you can have a diary to track your growth. one day you would love to see how much you’ve grown over the past couple of months.

you can also write down all you need to get done. Whether it’s a daily goal or a yearly goal. you’ll feel guilty after reading after a while and you’ll do it eventually.

2. work a bit dedicatedly towards your hobby


times have changed and brown parents are considering a future for you that doesn’t include engineering and medical. so if you are a budding artist, willing to turn your passion into a profession, this might be your chance. make sure to set out a good amount of time for your hobby and work towards it

3. get good grades in school


yes yes, we know a single sheet of paper can’t decide your future. but would you just hate us if we say it kinda does? when you get good grades in school, you’re actually securing a set for yourself in a good college. whichever course that you are taking, make sure to create a timetable and study a bit for good grades. this one actually tops the list of ‘personal goals in life as a student’.

4. have your dream bedroom

this one is actually very important, how long have you been wanting to decorate the room with your favs? this one is a common personal goal in life as a student for everyone. one day, you’ll just look back and absolutely adore yourself for a cutesy or sporty bedroom you have.

5. consume less social media content

when you start using too much of the internet, you just divert yourself from daily chores and tasks. people spend hours and hours scrolling through the reels which aren’t as productive, is it? try restricting your usage to a certain time. once again, the goal is NOT to avoid social media apps but to use them in the right way.

6. have monetary goals

start with creating a budget. an expense sheet will always help you in sorting out your expenses, money flowing in and how much are you gonna spend in a month. when you create a diary, you stick with it which eventually saves you from reckless spending. this is the only mantra if you are setting up your personal goals in life as a student. not only on a short run but also on a longer run.

7. have a paid internship

now that you’ve successfully created an expense diary, we guess the next goal is to earn some money. an internship is not only the best way to learn but it’s also a good earning source. you can get an internship in your dream firm. all you gotta do is keep checking LinkedIn for any openings in that company. you can also reach out to the respective people in that company to apply & get through. if you are a student looking to display your talent, contact us and we’ll get started

8. apply for a scholarship

we’re sure this one already makes in the list of personal goals in life as a student. having a scholarship is a magical thing. Imagine you help your parents in saving the bucks while you’re paying for your own school. pretty cool, huh? or even if you have a small scholarship amount that’s helping you get through your side expenses. search for scholarships online and then fill the one you have your expertise in.

9. take a trip with friends

the moment you start exploring places is the time you get hit by the will you have. It is at that moment you wanna take a taste of real life. so try convincing your parents and take a trip with your pals. you can just visit any nearby places but to stay on your own, make your own life decisions is something you gotta experience.

10. learn to cook

honestly, guys who can cook are real chick magnets. and everyone should learn to cook regardless of the gender of the person. we’re not asking you to become Sanjiv Kapoor in a day but start with a meal. open youtube, take a tutorial on your favourite meal and bam! just make it. not only would you be able to impress people with your cooking skills but you’d also be able to survive on your own during your college days or during the days when your mum is visiting nani’s. cooking MUST make it in the personal goals in life as a student.

11. Spend some quality time with family

we know that in the hustle-bustle of being perfect we often end up forgetting about the most important thing. that of course is to spend some quality time with your family. you can start sitting out for dinners with your parents and siblings. make a habit to hang out with them more often, have a chat about stuff. casual stuff. A teen’s life is all time consuming, you wanna go out meet new people and well, spend more time on the internet chatting with your virtual friends. but not anymore, you also need to give enough attention to people around you.

12. stay fit & pamper yourself

oh boy! If every time we had a penny for creating a fitness journal, we’d be Heisenberg from Breaking Bad rn. but hey, till what time are we gonna procrastinate having our dream body? we are all in if you are. So let’s start with taking out a little bit of time in a day for exercising. and don’t forget to pamper yourself with your comfort food over the weekends. of course, the massage and spa come as a given. you should always include comfort in your personal goals in life as a student. this is the prime of your life after all.

13. Give a little bit back to the universe

since the majority of the things are summed up, we thought the last one can be regarding giving back to the universe. it’s not really necessary that you have to give money, you can simply take up any weekend services and serve people/animals or anyone in need. try it, it really feels good to be good.

And the MOST IMPORTANT personal goal in life as a student

is to have your own card. how cool would it be to take care of your own monthly payments? we don’t know about any points above but this one is certainly where we can help you. apply for akudo cards and take a step towards financial freedom. we have amazing rewards and cashback for y’all. It pays to pay now.

Aaaannnd Cut!

we’ve already given you a bunch of stuff that you gotta try for a personal goal. now it’s time for you to get started on these. life is short but this list is shorter so hurry, start with the last point the first.

let’s build and complete the goals together.

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