top 8 waterfalls in Coorg – visit these falls for a revitalizing experience

top 8 waterfalls in Coorg – visit these falls for a revitalizing experience

waterfalls in Coorg is the reason why it has got the cool title of ‘the Scotland of the East and well, who are we to question it. we mean, the scenes speak for themselves. this paradise in Karnataka is known for its mystic hills and the coffee estates that spread its aroma all around. so coffee lovers, where are you at?

imagine having a picnic by the side of a forested Coorg waterfalls, the utter peace and beauty is worth dying for. hell, bad days would turn good into a jiffy even by looking at that beauty if you are looking for a perfect escape, well you’re in luck cause we have one for you. but before that, let’s take a look at these places that will for sure steal your heart (and it would be worthy).

Top 8 waterfalls near Coorg that you got to visit soon

  • Iruppu falls
  • Mallalli waterfalls
  • Abbey falls
  • Chelavara falls
  • Burude falls
  • Napandapole falls
  • Devaragundi falls
  • Devarakolli falls

1. Iruppu falls (Must visit Coorg Waterfall)

Iruppu falls - top waterfalls in coorg

We bet you’ve never fallen as hard for someone as River Lakshmana Tirtha falls down to form the Iruppu falls. This waterfall in Coorg is surrounded by lush green forests and promises an Instagrammable sight once you reach it. so what’s the best time to visit the place, you ask? make sure to visit the place during monsoon or winter when this beautiful place becomes extra beautiful. oh and did we tell you that you can also hop in the shower and take a refreshing bath in the falls. but folks, make sure to wear good grip shoes in case you wanna avoid any accident. you can also carry your own snacks if you wanna have a picnic with your loved ones.

best time to visit – If you wanna see the waterfall in its full form, you can visit during monsoon or winter

how to reach Iruppu falls – the falls are located 25 km away from the Nagerhole. The best way is to hire a taxi and reach the end of the road, walk down approx 500 metres down till you reach here

2. Mallalli waterfalls

Mallali falls - top waterfalls in coorg

you can get out of Mallalli falls but it will never get out of you. nope, we’re not hyping cause this place will prove its worth. When Kumaradhara River rushes down the Pushpagiri hills, the magic happens. The spectacular sight of the water hitting the stone will leave you astonished. and that’s exactly why Mallalli manages to attract tourists not just from India but all around the country.

best time to visit- usually, July to December is seen to be the best time to visit if you wanna see the real volume of the waterfall

how to reach- situated almost 26 km away from Somwarpet, you can hire a taxi to Mallalli road. You can also take a taxi from Madikeri town and then walk down some 500 steps to this amazing place

3. Abbey falls (You must heard about this Coorg waterfall)

ask anyone about one of the best waterfalls in Coorg and for sure, they’ll have Abbey on their list. and it’s not like we’re complaining. The place has earned its name, the place is wrapped around thick dense forest so you can get to trek down if you want to. coffee and pure spice fans can unite cause you can also fulfil your fetish to smell the coffee beans or well, spice your life up a bit. the vole of Abbey is something worth adoring and the sound of the water falling is just what you need to peace out. all it costs to enjoy this surreal waterfall is 15 INR which is a packet of Maggi oh and don’t forget to leave for the place a bit early cause it closes at 5 PM, sharp.

best time to visit Abbey – October to December is seen to be the most ideal time to visit this waterfall in Coorg.

how to reach – Abbey sits at a distance of 7 km from Madikeri town. You can take a bus to reach the end of the road and walk down 5 mins to reach

4. Chelavara falls

chelavara falls - top waterfalls in coorg

they say size does matter and well, we say yes it does. Cause that’s what makes Chelavara one of the most dreamy waterfalls near Coorg. this place is also referred to as Emepaare (known as tortoise) by the locals cause the rock on which the waterfalls is in the shape of a tortoise. the waterfall swells and wears a blanket of beauty, especially during the monsoon.

We hate being a carrier of sad news but well, anything for your safety. you might not be able to bath in the falls cause several accidents have occurred here. which is why the govt. decided to ban people from visiting it closely. if you’re gonna bring your private vehicle, you might be charged with 50 rs, so keep some change frens.

best time to visit – the place becomes more beautiful during Monsoon, so now you know when to visit one of the best waterfalls in Coorg.

how to reach – the waterfall is seen to be at a distance of 17 km from virajpeet. You can take a bus or a personal vehicle from there to Chelava. once you’ve reached the road, you can prolly trek a bit to the falls.

5. Burude falls

remember the waterfalls where your fav travel bloggers have been visiting? ah well, why should they have all the fun? here’s the waterfall near Coorg you’ve been lookin’ for. Also goes by the name Dodmane falls, this forest runs down from a narrow forest. if you are a trekking fan, you’re in luck cause to reach the falls, you have to hike a little. done from the hustle-bustle of the city? just elope to the quiet of the falls and spend some quality time in the serenity.

folks, make sure to wear good shoes cause the road might be slippery. also, if you are visiting via your car/bike, you can just park it 3 km before the falls and walk this bit for safety.

best time to visit – monsoon months are usually the best time to hit this fall for maximum volume and of course, beauty.

how to reach Burude falls – sitting at a distance of 6 km from Siddapura, you can directly hire a taxi to reach here. and you’ll have to walk some 15-20 minutes to reach here.

6. Napandapole falls

Napandapole falls- top waterfalls in coorg

Not a social butterfly? guess we have just the right place for you. while Napandapoli may not be the biggest waterfalls in Coorg but it sure is surreal. this rock-strewn valley flows by a forest, tucked in the green arms of mother nature. you won’t be able to find the rush here cause it’s severely underrated. and oh, how can we forget, severely beautiful too. you can pack your picnic basket and your fav book with some good playlist cause this is the spot.

again folks we hate repeating it over and over but shoes, remember? Good ones. The area around waterfalls is usually very slippery so it’s always a smart option to invest in good shoes before visiting these places. you can also take a bath in the fall if you’re in the mood.

best time to visit – to be honest, you can visit this place anytime you want to cause this spot is reserved for the quiet. however, if you wanna see it in its form the best months we think are October to December.

how to reach Napandapole falls – take a bus from the Coorg bus stand for this fall, it’d take 1-2 hours to reach the area. You can hire a taxi from there to reach the falls.

7. Devaragundi falls

Devaragundi falls - top waterfalls in coorg

and here, we aren’t gonna ask you to do anything. Just take a break no pictures, no bathing. Just hit the place, pull out a mat and lie down. Enjoy the sight of beautiful waterfalls. live the water droplets falling on your face. even the bare sound of it seems so peaceful, na? imagine doing this in real life. This is one of the most picturesque waterfalls in Coorg. You may also find some benches so just sit and soak the healing view of the falls.

this fall is kinda in demand so on some days you might find yourself surrounded by people while at the other moment you would just find yourself alone. but one thing is for sure, it’s never gonna be overcrowded here.

best time to visit – the best time to visit the place is regarded during monsoon or winter months. the pressure of the water is pretty impressive, overall enhancing the sight.

how to reach Devaragundi falls – Take a bus from Coorg bus stand to Madikeri town which might take 1-2 hours. once you’ve reached Madikeri town, you can take a cab to this place.

8. Devarakolli falls

Devarakolli falls - top waterfalls in coorg

this is a call out for all the serenity fans out there cause this waterfall isn’t the only great thing about this place. The trek that leads you here is as magical as the fall itself. now this isn’t as flashy a fall as you have seen above but that’s what makes the place kinda special. the water gushing down from an unbelievable height, the amazing forest all around and whatnot. there’s simply too much that this place has to offer, making it one of the best waterfalls in Coorg.

just lay down and relax for a bit. Oh, and if you’re a person who loves shooting or getting shot, don’t forget to pack your camera along. you can pose all you want, even in the water without the fear of getting judged while trekking, make sure to have a walking pole cause friend, this isn’t one of the easy treks you’ve done.

best time to visit – honestly, anytime. but if you wanna see the waterfall blooming, visiting during the monsoon might prove to be a fruitful option.

how to reach here – you can take a bus from Coorg bus stand to Madikeri town. Would just take 40 minutes, you can take a cab or any local public transport to reach the waterfall.

let’s wrap it up, no?

we know we have a long list of waterfalls prepared right above. but hey, every waterfall is kinda customised to your needs. Want huge waterfalls near Coorg? you have one above. oh, a fan of serene places? we have that covered too. so you can just find the ideal place and hit it right off.

Coorg is a beautiful place situated just a few km away from Bangalore so if you folks are looking for a weekend getaway, we hope we sorted it out for you. adventure lovers can also go trekking cause honestly, almost all the waterfalls can only be reached after trekking a bit.

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